News from 2010

SEPTEMBER 06, 2010

Our fan Tarrazu has kindly sent us some incredible wallpapers created from the "SALT" concept. Please check them out in the FANS section of this site.

JULY 16, 2010

Summer's here, and things are slowing down - we've done a lot of promotion in the spring for "Salt" and received a ton of brilliant reviews. We couldn't be happier.

Here's a little reminder - go buy the album now if you haven't already done it:  Europe: - buy SALT at CDOn -  USA: - buy SALT at Sensory Records -  ASIA: - buy SALT at HMV Japan -

MAY 11, 2010

Two new interviews with Erik Ravn and another fantastic review of "Salt" can be found in the ALBUMS section.

MAY 09, 2010

More great reviews of "Salt" and a new interview has been posted in the ALBUMS section.

MAY 04, 2010

A couple of more new fantastic reviews of "Salt" has been posted in the ALBUMS section.

MAY 03, 2010

Next Monday, May 10th, the entire "Salt" album will be streamed all day long at
If you haven't already gotten hold of the album, this is your chance to listen to it before buying (although, come on, we know you WILL be buying it anyway, right? :)).

APRIL 30, 2010

Hello friends!
We are happy to announce that the new "Salt" T-shirts are now available in the merchandise section. Hope you like them!
We have also reprinted the very popular "The Shadow Cabinet" black&white shirt, which is now again available in all sizes.
Unfortunately we have had to up the prices a bit, since the costs here in Denmark are on a steady rise. But we do think our prices are still quite fair and we hope they won´t keep you from shopping.

APRIL 28, 2010

A lot of great new reviews of "Salt" has been posted in the ALBUMS section.

APRIL 14, 2010

For the European customers: "Salt" is now available in Europe - here's a couple of links to where you can buy it: CDON Europe EMP Germany Roooar UK

APRIL 08, 2010

For the North American customers: you can now order "Salt" at the following link:

MARCH 26, 2010

Today is the official release date of "Salt" in Japan. We're very excited about this!!!

FEBRUARY 08, 2010

We're proud to announce that we have signed with Scarlet Records for the European release of "Salt", with Marquee/Avalon for the Asian release and with Sensory Records for the North American release. The album will be released March 26 in Japan/Asia, April 12 in Europe, and April 27 in North America (for North American customers the CD will be made exclusively available through the Lasers Edge online store from early April as well).

We have decided to give you all a little teaser of the album by giving away a free MP3 of the song "The Desperate Poet". You can find it in the MEDIA SECTION of this site.