News from 2011

NOVEMBER 19, 2011

We've updated the "band" section with the info on the latest albums the various band members of Wuthering Heights have participated in.

APRIL 14, 2011

Wuthering Heights fan Martin Bauer from Austria got so inspired on his trip to Scotland a year ago, that he decided to create a little video montage put to the music of "Highland Winds". Check it out in the "Fans" section.

Thank you so much Martin for catching the true spirit of our music. 

MARCH 30 2011

Progressive metal/rock journalist Tommy Hash has written a book called "PROG 2010 - A Decade Of Progressive Rock & Metal 2001-2010" featuring reviews and interviews with a lot of industry people and band members from the progressive rock and metal genres. Among those interviewed in the book are our very own Erik Ravn.

Read more about the book here:  Order your copy of the book here:

MARCH 18 2011

Dear Friends,

As some of you know, the reason for the current inactivity of Wuthering Heights is my bad health. For more than a year I have suffered from serious back pain. I have had surgery twice, but so far my condition has not improved. My situation leaves me no energy for creative production. Also, as I am currently unable to hold a day job, I have no financial basis for the recording or performing of my music. Therefore I am forced to put Wuthering Heights on hold for the time being.

Writing music and playing in a band has been the center of my life for more than twenty years so this is not something I take lightly. I want to be honest with the fans - I don't want them holding on to false hope for new music from Wuthering Heights in the near future. I would rather everyone be pleasantly surprised when we (hopefully) do something again further down the line.

You will still be able to contact the band via our website and email address, courtesy of Intromental Management.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the amazing rollercoaster ride that has been the history of Wuthering Heights - most importantly our fans, without whom none of this would matter anyway.

Herne protect you, 

MARCH 02, 2011

A new interview with Erik Ravn can be found at ProgArchives.

FEBRUARY 01, 2011

With their latest album, "Salt", Wuthering Heights has been nominated for "Best Power Metal Album Of 2010" at

At this point Wuthering Heights would like to ask their fans to go vote for them!!!