Instruments: keyboards
Date of birth: 18 July 1981
Place of residence: Hällefors, Sweden
With the band since: 2004

Selected discography
Zool: Zool (2002)
Platitude: Secrets Of Life (2003)
Spearfish & Friends: Back, For The Future (2003)
Platitude: Nine (2004)
Audiovision: The Calling (2005)
Various Artists: Blackmore´s Castle Volume II (2005)
Various Artists: We Want Moore! (2005)
Loch Vostok: Destruction Time Again (2006)
Wuthering Heights: The Shadow Cabinet (2006)
The Murder Of My Sweet: Bleed Me Dry (CD single) (2009)
Iron Mask: Shadow Of The Red Baron (2009)
The Murder Of My Sweet: A Christmas Present To Our Fans (download single) (2009)
The Murder Of My Sweet: Divanity (2010)
Wuthering Heights: Salt (2010)
Audiovision: Focus (2010)
The Murder Of My Sweet: Tonight (download single) (2010)
Arms Of War: Legions Of Steel (2014)

Favorite albums
Pet Shop Boys: Behaviour
Daft Punk: Homework
Jean-Michel Jarre: Zoolook
Depeche Mode: Violato
New Order: Substance