Promo-CD 2003: Locomotive LM140CD (Europe) [cardboard sleeve]
CD 2003: Toshiba-EMI TOCP-67293 (Japan)
CD 2004: Locomotive LM140 (Europe)
CD 2004: Sensory SR3022 (USA)
CD 2004: Hellion Records HEL0320 (South America)
CD 2004: Sensory SR3022 (Russia, unofficial release)
2-CD 2020: Nagelfest Music NAG003 (Denmark)

01. Gather Ye Wild (1:46)
02. The Road Goes Ever On (7:50)
03. Tree (5:04)
04. Longing For The Woods part I: the wild children (5:37)
05. Highland Winds (6:56)
06. Longing For The Woods part II: the ring of fire (6:15)
07. The Bollard (3:29)
08. Bad Hobbits Die Hard (3:22)
09. Longing For The Woods part III: Herne´s prophecy (8:39)
10. Land Of Olden Glory (6:21)
11. Lament For Lórien (5:51)
12. Memory Within A Memory (5:41) (bonus track Japan)
13. The Tapdancer/Gather Ye Wild (reprise) (4:08) (bonus track USA)

Erik Ravn: guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Nils Patrik Johansson: vocals
Rune S. Brink: keyboards
Henrik Flyman: guitar
Morten G. Sørensen: drums, percussion

Guest musicians:
Jette Hansen: bagpipe
Lisbeth Sagen: violin
Ulrik Tofte Jespersen: flute
Henrik Svanekær: banjo
Tommy Hansen: backing vocals

Music & lyrics by Erik Ravn.
Except: The Bollard (music & lyrics by Pilegaard/Jespersen/The McGalster Clan), Lament For Lórien (music by Rune S. Brink, Erik Ravn), Memory Within A Memory (music by Rune S. Brink, Erik Ravn).

Recorded at Jailhouse Studios, Horsens, May-June 2003.
Preproduction recorded at The Cave and Digital Bitch, Copenhagen, Summer 2002-Spring 2003.
Produced, mixed & engineered by Tommy Hansen.
Mastered by Joe Gastwirt.
Cover art by David Wyatt.
Photos by Anders C. Nielsen.
Design, layout and image manipulation by Michael Bennett.

The Bollard originally recorded by The McGalster Clan.