A large number of people have been in and out of the band over the years – in true Spinal Tap fashion!  We have tried to limit this to the people who really played a role, either recording or performing with the band for a longer period. The years mentioned are approximate.

John Sønder: guitar 1989-1990

Morten Birch: bass 1989-1994

Kenneth Saandvig: drums 1990-1998

Martin Røpcke: guitar 1991-1992

Jannik B. Larsen: guitar 1992-1994

Troels Liebgott: vocals 1993-1996

Tim Christensen: keyboards 1993-1996

Tim Mogensen: bass 1994-1995

Louise: violin 1994-1995

Rune S. Brink: keyboards 1996-2004

Morten Nødgaard: vocals 1996-1997, drums 1998-2000

Kasper Gram: bass 1996-2000

Kristian "Krille" Andrén: vocals 1998-2002

Peter Jensen: guitar 1999

Henrik Flyman: guitar 2002-2004