Gather Ye Wild



The Road Goes Ever On

Now as I´m sitting here; My life is passing by
I recall the things I´ve done; I watch the sun
But this is not the end; No the end I´ll never see
And I´ll be moving on

A sunbeam heats my chest; It´s time to rise again
The leaves above whisper to me
I feel the land, I feel the air
Blowing through my hair

Now into the dawn I´m heading again
The hills are calling my name
Like a leaf on the ground I´m blown away
I wasn´t born to stay

Living for the roads I see
I´m wild, I´m free
A stranger from the past
But I´m not the last, 'cause...

The road goes on and on
Don´t know if it´s a curse
Or just another kind of blood
But the road goes on and on
Yes the road goes ever on

Now the sun sinks; The air is getting chill
I lie down under just another tree
The last grey daylight dies
Now as I close my eyes

Now the shadows surround me again
A cool wind touches my face
The empty landscape fills my mind
But I guess I´m behind my time

And yet I´ll always be
Though my time is done
In darkness, in the sun
Travel on, 'cause...

The road goes on and on
No I´m not antisocial
I´m just of another kind
And the road goes on and on
Yes the road goes ever on

You know me; I´m in your dreams
Though you hide it well
I´m who you´d wish you were: the traveller

The road goes on and on
I´ve live my life, fulfilled my dreams
I´m not afraid to die
But the road goes on and on
Yes the road goes ever on


A Tale From The Woods



So Long Ago

Suddenly a vision showed up for my eyes
A lake, a forest, the starlit night
Air so clean, and silence, o silence

Suddenly it was there in a corner of my mind
A second, but it felt like eternity
All the point of life in one single view

And I, I was there, the fear was washed away
Mother Nature´s beast
Total piece of mind flowing through my veins

And I walked to the lake
Through the wet grass
With the mist crawling over my feet
And though I was alone I knew
I knew there was somebody for me

O, so long ago
Was there a sign we didn´t see
O, so long ago
Will we ever again be free

But I woke from my dream
Though it had felt so real
So real I thought I could smell the grass
It had seemed so good, so right
O Lord, won´t you tell me what went wrong

O, so long ago [...]

But has it ever been so
Or was it just a dream
That I chose to believe in
´Cause the world´s not as good as it seems
And isn´t peace really an illusion
And isn´t eternity really a lie

O, so long ago [...]




The Wanderer´s Farewell

Here I stand looking at the sky
It has never been so red before
Here I stand looking at the mountains
They have never been so tall before

And my road lies ahead, yes I´m heading on
But don´t miss me when I´m gone
´Cause I might find what I seek
And one day I might be back

And then I´ll save a prayer
That you´ll be there
Oh brothers you must think that I don´t care
Yet you´re the only ones I´ve ever had

But you know that I´m a wanderer
That I was born to walk alone
And now when spring is here
And in the glow of sun
The rivers flow
I must be gone