News from 2009

DECEMBER 15, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to our new homepage!
We're right now in the middle of recording our new album, "Salt", which we hope to be able to release in the spring of 2010. You can already now see the artwork on this site and read the full studio report on how the new album became a reality. It's our plan to give you a little taste of the album around new year when we are done mastering the album, so please check back to this site for some upcoming sound samples

In the meantime, feel free to jump around this page, read about the band-history, download wallpapers, look at old pictures of Wuthering Heights (all the way back from our early incarnations as Minas Tirith and Vergelmir), join our forum and talk to other Wuthering Heights fans, and lots more.

We hope you´ll enjoy your stay here. Have fun - and Herne protect you!