Recording "TSC" - Part 3: Guitars (by Martin)

Diary of the recordings of the Wuthering Heights album, "The Shadow Cabinet"

28.05.06: Martin's guitars are recorded!

You didn't know what it was - try it with a zebra! Ehhhm, sorry :-) Here's a little studio-diary of the recordings of my guitar parts.

Martin Arendal

Friday 19.05.06
Off from work at 19:00, and down to my studio (Studio 907) to start the recordings for the new W.H. album. I managed to get a decent rock sound out of my Marshall 1959 SLP 100 Watt amp and my Marshall JMP-1 pre-amp. I went for more of a middle-toned sound, because I think it will suit the atmosphere really good.
Nailed 1 track : I Shall Not Yield.

Tuesday 23.05.06
What a weekend:-) Went to Lars' wedding and hung out with Teddy (W.H.), Andreas (W.H.), Claus (Intromental), Kasper (Manticora, ex-W.H.), Mads (Manticora), Kristian (Manticora) and Finn (Beyond Twilight). That's why I haven't been at the studio:-) This session stopped early, around midnight, 'cause I pounded my guitar so hard that I broke the high E-string, forcing me to stop, 'cause I didn't have any spare strings around, sorry:-)
Got 2 tracks down : The Raven & Snow.

Wednesday 24.05.06
YES!!!!! Day off from work, which means that I have one whole day for recording … Up early, and went off to the music equipment store to get some new strings, which I shouldn't have done … They "forced" me to try out an ESP Viper 7-string which I fell so much in love with that I had to order one, and one regular 6-string, damn it's expensive to record for W-H :-) Well back in the studio, recorded from 12-18 and went home to relax.
Got 3 tracks down : Beautifool, Sleep & Midnight Song.

Thursday 25.05.06
What a night (Wednesday).... Got a visit from a very old friend of mine, and we (unfortunately) drank a lot of wine. It seemed like a good idea at the moment, but today I'm a wreck :-). Off from work, so I slept in all day and started recording at 6 am. Went home 11 am, simply too goddamn tired.
Nailed 2 tracks : Demon Desire & Envy

Saturday 27.05.06
Went home after work at 4 p.m., to record the last 3 tracks; Carpe Noctem, Shadow of A Gipsy & Faith. At 9 am I was done recording the whole album, but had to make some DVD's with the material for Tommy (producer at JailHouse Studios), so he can import the tracks in his Pro-Tools system. Did that and finished around 10 am. Time to celebrate and did that at The Rock (Copenhagen), where our vocalist Nils Patrik played with his other band Astral Doors … Met up with Erik in there - we all got drunk of course :-) Now I just cant wait to hear the whole production. It's gonna be HEAVY !!! No question about that!!!!
Last 3 tracks done : Carpe Noctem, Shadow of A Gipsy & Faith.