SALT - The facts

Promo-CD 2010: Marquee/Avalon MICP-10908 (Japan) [regular CD with "SAMPLE" sticker]
CD 2010: Marquee/Avalon MICP-10908 (Japan)
CD 2010: Sensory SR3052 (USA)
CD 2010: Scarlet SC187-2 (Europe)

01. Away! (1:27)
02. The Desperate Poet (6:29)
03. The Mad Sailor (6:19)
04. The Last Tribe (Mother Earth) (7:54)
05. Tears (5:55)
06. Weather The Storm (6:53)
07. The Field (5:58)
08. Water Of Life (2:06)
09. Lost At Sea (16:38)
10. Sympathy (4:50) (bonus track Japan)

Note: The track “Discovery” (originally recorded by Mike Oldfield) was also recorded, intended as an additional bonus track. This track has not been released.

Erik Ravn: guitars, keyboards, bass, mandolin, percussion, backing vocals, narration
Nils Patrik Johansson: all lead vocals, backing vocals
Morten Gade Sørensen: drums, percussion
Andreas Lindahl: keyboards
Martin Arendal: guitars
Teddy "Dr.Müller" Möller: bass, guitars, backing vocals

Guest musicians:
Tommy Hansen: hammond organ, accordion

Music & Lyrics by Erik Ravn.
Except: Sympathy (music & lyrics by Ken Hensley).

Recorded at:
Jailhouse Studios, Horsens, Denmark - Engineered by Tommy Hansen.
Blueflame Productions, Uppsala, Sweden - Engineered by Teddy Möller and Fredrik Klingwall.
Studio 907, Skovlunde, Denmark - Engineered by Martin Arendal.
The Cave, Copenhagen, Denmark - Engineered by Erik Ravn.

Mixed by Teddy Möller with Fredrik Klingwall at Blueflame Productions, Uppsala, Sweden.
Mastered by Lawrence Mackrory at Great Scot! Audio, Uppsala, Sweden.
Produced by Erik Ravn.
"Dawn and a Derelict" frontcover photography by John Perry (a huge thank you to Rainer Kalwitz).
Graphic design & Layout by Claus Jensen.
Photos by Anders Nielsen.

Sympathy originally recorded by Uriah Heep.