Instruments: bass, guitar, drums, vocals
Date of birth: 31 October 1970
Place of residence: Uppsala, Sweden
With the band since: 2004

Vivaldis Disciples: Simon Elfbow (1989)
Mellow Poetry: Welcome To The Surreal World (1995)
Mayadome: Paranormal Activity (1996)
Mayadome: Near Life Experience (1999)
The Hidden: Fearful Symmetry (1999)
F.K.Ü. : Metal Moshing Mad (1999)
Loch Vostok: Loch Vostok (promo CD) (2002)
Loch Vostok: Dark logic (2003)
F.K.Ü.: Maniac cop (7” single) (2003
Loch Vostok: Dark logic - remastered (2004)
F.K.Ü.: Sometimes They Come Back ... To Mosh (2005)
Loch Vostok: Destruction Time Again (2006)
Wuthering Heights: The Shadow Cabinet (2006)
Flagellation: Incinerate Disintegrate (2007)
Anima Morte: Face The Sea Of Darkness (2007)
Anima Morte: Viva Morte! (7" EP) (2007)
F.K.Ü.: Metal Moshing Mad (rerelease) (2007)
F.K.Ü.: Twitch Of The Yhrash Nerve (split 7" single with Hirax) (2008)
F.K.Ü.: Horror Metal Moshing Machine/Space Beer (7" single) (2008)
F.K.Ü.: Where Moshers Dwell (2009)
Loch Vostok: Reveal No Secrets (2009)
Wuthering Heights: Salt (2010)
Anima Morte: The Nightmare Becomes Reality (2011)
Loch Vostok: Dystopium (2011)
Loch Vostok: V: The Doctrine Decoded (2012)
F.K.Ü.: 4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers (2013)
The Experiment No.Q: The Experiment No.Q (2014)
Anima Morte: Upon Darkened Stains (2014)
The Hidden: Fearful Symmetry (2014, recorded 2000)
Loch Vostok: From These Waters (2015)
Hexed: Exhaling Life (EP) (2017)
Loch Vostok: Summer (digital single) (2017)
Loch Vostok: Strife (2017)
Hexed: Netherworld (2018)
Voidwalker: One Hour Hell (2019)
Loch Vostok: Opus Ferox - The Great Escape (2021)

Favorite albums
Slayer: Reign In Blood
Queensrÿche: Rage For Order
Napalm Death: Enemy Of The Music Business
Cacophony: Go Off!
King Diamond: Conspiracy