Promo-CD 2006: Locomotive LM320 CD PROMO (Europe) [cardboard sleeve]
CD 2006: Locomotive LM320 (Europe)
CD 2006: Soundholic TKCS-85154 (Japan)
2-CD 2006: Sensory SR3035 (USA)

Note: Some of the promo-CD´s were mispressed. The printing on the CD´s is correct, but the actual music is the album “Savage Souls” by Mystic Prophecy!

01. Demon Desire (5:18)
02. Beautifool (5:02)
03. The Raven (4:47)
04. Faith - Apathy Divine Part I (8:13)
05. Envy (6:41)
06. Snow - Apathy Divine Part II (5:48)
07. Sleep (4:45)
08. I Shall Not Yield (6:40)
09. Reason...? (0:31)
10. Carpe Noctem - Seize The Night (7:47)
11. Midnight Song (4:32) (bonus track Europe)
12. Shadow Of A Gipsy (4:39) (bonus track Japan)
Roaming Far From Home - Live At ProgPower 2004 (bonus disc USA):
01. Tree (5:17)
02. Longing For The Woods Part 1 (5:07)
03. Longing For The Woods Part 2 (6:03)
04. Lost Realms (7:31)
05. Bad Hobbits Die Hard (5:15)
06. Hunter In The Dark (6:04)
07. Highland Winds (7:40)

Nils Patrik Johansson: all lead vocals, backing vocals
Erik Ravn: guitars, keyboards, mandolin, narration, backing vocals
Martin Arendal: guitars
Teddy “Dr. Müller” Möller: bass
Andreas Lindahl: keyboards, backing vocals
Morten G. Sørensen: drums, percussion, backing vocals

Guest musicians:
Lisbeth Sagen: violin
Tommy Hansen: hammond organ, keyboards, accordion, percussion, backing vocals
Tina Gunnarsson: backing vocals
Niklas Kupper: backing vocals

Music & lyrics by Erik Ravn.
Except: Shadow Of A Gipsy (music by Peter Mellin, lyrics by Torsten Olafsson)

Recorded at:
Jailhouse Studios, Horsens, Denmark - Engineered by Tommy Hansen.
Blueflame Productions, Uppsala, Sweden - Engineered by Teddy Möller & Niklas Kupper, Assisted by Simon Hannula.
CharlotteStudios, Växjö, Sweden - Engineered by Stefan Toivonen.
Studio 907, Skovlunde, Denmark - Engineered by Martin Arendal.
The Cave, Copenhagen, Denmark - Engineered by Erik Ravn.
Mixed & Mastered at Jailhouse Studios, Horsens, Denmark by Tommy Hansen.
Produced by Tommy Hansen & Erik Ravn.

Bonus CD recorded live at ProgPower Festival, Atlanta, Georgia, 18 September 2004.
Recorded by Kent Smith/Lucid Lounge Studios.
Mixed at Studio 907, Skovlunde, Denmark by Martin Arendal.
Mastered at West West Side Music, NewWindsor, NY, USA by Kim Dumas.

Cover art by Annika von Holdt.
Layout by Claus Jensen.
Photos by Todd Brown, Cristen Angelique, Hoyt Parris & Ed Prevenslik.

Shadow Of A Gipsy originally recorded by Ache.