CD 2002: Toshiba-EMI TOCP-66072 (Japan)

CD 2002: Sensory SR3014 (USA)
CD 2002: CD-Maximum CDM 1102-1229 (Russia)
CD 2002: Sail Productions SPCD 0019 (Korea)
CD 2003: Lucretia LU20023-2 (Europe) [digipack]
CD 2003: Rock Empire Music SSPM 5005 (Taiwan)
2-CD 2021: Nagelfest Music NAG004 (Denmark)

01. Behind Tearstained Ice (2:15)
02. The Nevershining Stones (6:25)
03. Dancer In The Light (5:31)
04. Lost Realms (8:28)
05. Battle Of The Seasons (8:50)
06. When The Jester Cries (6:04) (bonus track Japan)
07. A Sinner´s Confession (9:37)
08. See Tomorrow Shine (5:13)
09. Through Within To Beyond (6:50)
10. RiverOblivion (3:51)
11. La Chanson De Roland (4:49) (bonus track Korea)

Erik Ravn: guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Kristian "Krille" Andrén: vocals
Rune S. Brink: keyboards
Henrik Flyman: guitar
Morten Sørensen: drums

Guest musicians:
Lorenzo Dehó: bass
Tommy Hansen, Claus Jensen, Finn Zierler & Klaus Lindy: backing vocals

Music & lyrics by Erik Ravn.
Except: Battle Of The Seasons (music by Erik Ravn, Rune S. Brink, Kenneth Saandvig), A Sinner´s Confession (music by Erik Ravn, Kenneth Saandvig).

Recorded at Jailhouse Studios, Horsens, May 26th-June 16th 2001.
Keyboards recorded at The Cave, Copenhagen, Winter 2000-Summer 2001.
Henrik´s guitars recorded at Digital Bitch, Copenhagen, April 2001.
Lorenzo´s bass guitars recorded in Milan, April 2001.
Produced, mixed & engineered by Tommy Hansen.
Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain, Florida.
Cover art by David Wyatt.
Photos by Anders C. Nielsen.
All other artwork & graphic design by Michael Bennett.