Ludo - HEAVYMETAL UNIVERSE - webzine - France - 6 out of 6 points (album of the month)
Every new year brings its bunch of young bands - sometimes sounding more like tribute-bands than anything else - which inundate the Metal scene with over-marketed but generally under-innovating debut albums. While others, despite a huge talent and an obvious originality, hardly succeed in being known by few irreducible. I'm especially thinking about WUTHERING HEIGHTS, whose first album "Within" went particularly unnoticed and whose brand new one "To travel for evermore" seems unfortunately to be ready to follow the path of its predecessor... Yet, this band does absolutely not lack quality, on the contrary. With only two albums to their credit, these guys have succeeded in creating their own style, combining the complexity and the technicity of progressive with impressive and uncommon melodies. Vocal lines, solos, musical bridges, medieval interludes, everything in the music is stamped with this special feeling which makes this band be definitively different from all the others. Just like the first album, this "To travel for evermore" is a wonderful album which can't leave you indifferent and which pushes away once again the boundaries of musical creation. Some of you may think they have already heard everything as regards heavy speed, WUTHERING HEIGHTS has come to give them something new. An invitation to travelling it would be really silly to refuse. 

Dweeb - PERPETUAL MOTION BOARD - webboard - Intl. - 9 out of 10 points
Progressive power metal with male vox. This is everything I look for in power metal; it’s fast, energetic, festive and melodic with excellent vox and progressive tendencies, especially in the intricate guitar lead work and vocal melodies. The arrangements are clean guitar-driven with backing keys, and the guitar leads are great - some of them quite intricate, and there are nice time and tempo changes throughout. Krill Andren is one of the best clean vocalists in metal, he has a strong, mid-pitch, musical, expressive, passionate style that just soars. Many of his vocal melodies have an excellent interesting, light complexity, and his choruses are upbeat and catchy.

Gabor Kleinbossem - STRUTTER - webzine - The Netherlands - 9 out of 10 points
Out of Denmark comes WUTHERING HEIGHTS, and their new CD ‘To travel for evermore’ is a fantastic high class melodic prog metal release that can easily be called ‘sensational’! It’s the follow-up to their debut ‘Within’, which I unfortunately never heard, but will track down soon I hope. Anyway, to tell you more about this band, they have just recently changed their line-up, which now consists of main composer/guitarist Erik Ravn, ex-TAD MOROSE lead vocalist Kristian Andren (fantastic lead singer by the way), TIME MACHINE bassist Lorenzo Deho, ZOOL guitarist Hendrik Flymann and long-time members Morten Sorensen (drums) and Bune S. Brink (keyboards). The production was in the hands of TOMMY HANSEN (PRETTY MAIDS, HELLOWEEN), and is of course of a very high level. All together they have released a wonderful CD that sounds like the perfect mixture between KAMELOT, BLIND GUARDIAN, ROYAL HUNT and MALMSTEEN. In other words, ‘To travel for evermore’ is a truly fantastic melodic Prog Metal album. All tracks are highlights, but to be a bit more specific, my favourite tracks are “The nevershining stones” (lovely uptempo neo-classical Prog/Power a la KAMELOT), “Dancer in the light” (great Prog/Power), “A sinner’s confession” (divided in 4 parts), “See tomorrow’s shine” (faster uptempo Power Metal) and “Through within to beyond”. The album was released a few months ago, so better get yourself a copy before it will be hard to get in the near future. Especially Prog/Power Metal freaks must have this CD in their collection!

Kenn Jensen - POWER AND PROG PAGES - webzine - Denmark - 96 out of 100 points
I have had this awesome CD for almost 6 months now (bought an US-version), and it made my Top 10 last Year at # 6. But because of various things the CD hasn't been released in Europe until now, so now it time to do a review. Wuthering Heights first album: "Within" was one my favorite albums back in 1999. Therefore I had very high expectations to their second release, and I can only say that with this album they have set the standard even higher, improving in every area, but especially the songwriting has improved immensely. Still delivering some of the best progressive and symphonic metal in Europe, I can't understand why they don't get the recognition I believe they deserve, but that's just typical, so much talent is often overlooked! Back to the CD - after a short intro we get maybe the best track off this album: "The Nevershining Stones" and melodic, progressive epic with great twin-leads, hard driven riffs and a cool chorus, a great melodic piano middlepart and Krille's awesome vocal. An other highlight are "A Sinner's Confession" - a 9 minutes epic divided into 4 parts, but this CD does not have a weak spot at all, so I can only urge you to at least check this CD out. Once more I have to compliment Tommy Hansen on his excellent production, he does miracles in his little "cottage" in Horsens! And the package is completed by a great artwork and a nice digipack.

Matthew A Rink - THE PROGRESSIVE PAGES - USA - 8.9 out of 10 points
Drawing its name from one of the all-time literary classics, I was a little surprised to find that the band Wuthering Heights was a symphonic power metal band. Mainly because I associate such music with subjects of swords and sorcery, more suited to Tolkien's world than the more cultured merit of Bronte's 19th century Victorian territory. Nonetheless, the disappointment of this discovery was entirely fleeting once the music began. While the lyrics may not touch on themes of Gothic love and passion in accordance with the band's namesake, the mystical and adventuresome lyrics take nothing away from this finely crafted power metal work. The "feel" of the album was closer to that of Blind Guardian or Angra, with more substance and progressive elements than you get from your standard power metal brigade. While great choruses abound, I never got the feeling that a song's existence was based solely on its chorus. Songs were generally longer too, with ample room for elaborate twists and turns. It was also nice to hear keyboards being used as a strong lead instrument, rather than being relegated to just creating lush backgrounds or masquerading as a small strings section. As power albums are wont to do, the album begins with a moody warm-up instrumental track, "Behind Tearstained Ice". The piece has a Rhapsody-like melody to it, though it never really ventures into speed metal. This leads to "The Nevershining Stones", which dares to have even a slight neo-prog sound to it for a few seconds before it's met with a short acoustic/vocal section. The song then launches into full power metal mode. The song delights with a couple vocally driven verses before revealing one of the year's best choruses. Immediately with this track, lead singer Kristian "Krille" Andren shows that his name belongs in the same breath as the other big names in the genre (while owning his own unique timbre, too!). The next track, "Dancer in the Light", proves that the success of the first track was no fluke. Once again, this song meanders a bit before hitting its refrain (another gem), taking time to build the complete song. The more progressive "Lost Realms" follows and makes for three fantastic tracks in a row. The mid-tempo piece clocks in at eight and a half minutes (one of the album's longer songs) and offers brooding verses, pastoral instrumental passages, a fantastic bridge, and a serenely harmonic chorus that brought Vanden Plas to the mind of this listener. One lengthy track is followed by another as the nine minute instrumental "Battle of the Seasons" ensues. An energetic composition, this one doesn't just rely on flash and fast playing, but uses its time wisely to paint its musical landscape with broad colors and varied strokes. A third lengthy song comes in the form of "A Sinner's Confession", a multi-part epic that seems to be going for "Metropolis part I" but never quite delivers the necessary hooks. Still, certain parts definitely do bear a certain semblance to Dream Theater, resulting in some cool drum work and a somewhat Moore-ish keyboard lead with a familiar tone. Other parts of the songs are strictly power metal, but it all works together fairly nicely, even if there aren't a lot of memorable moments to be found. The album's most straightforward power metal track comes next. "See Tomorrow Shine", while it may never win over the staunch prog lover, works for me in the same way that Hammerfall's "Dreamland" still continues to satisfies to this day. This one sits very comfortably among the ranks of those great catchy songs of Hammerfall and Nocturnal Rites. Not the most experimental song, but it certainly adds to the diversity of the album while still possessing a level of charm that puts it among the album's best. "Through Within to Beyond" is the album's last "real" song, and follows right in line with the other quality numbers on To Travel for Evermore. Many of this song's moments have that brooding, galloping, midtempo feel of Midwestern USA power metal (Iced Earth, Archetype, Jacob's Dream). A good track, but probably overshadowed by the many great songs on the album. "River Oblivion" closes things down as kind of a dreamy, vocally-driven piece that fades the disc out with some acoustic guitar, orchestral effects, and tribal percussion. An apt ending to an album, I suppose, but there's little to the song that stands as memorable or mentionable. To sum things up in short, there is really quite a lot to like about this album and a lot to differentiate it from your typical power metal album. I felt a bit more maturity in the album -- which was refreshing -- and definitely appreciated the higher level of complexity in the song structures. Also of note is that there are no pure power ballads to be found on this album, and yet, I didn't really mind. In fact, the way the songs were arranged, every song seemed to have a little bit of ballad in it. The only real criticism that I have for the album is that none of the solos ever really stood out. Many of the instrumental sections just seemed too expected and unoriginal. Other than that, however, I really do have nothing but praise for this release. One of the year's finest.

Keith Muszikman Hannaleck - PROGRESSIVE WORLD - webzine - USA - 4½ out of 5 points
Beginning in the nineties and progressing into the current line up, which is now a serious force in the realm of symphonic speed metal, Wuthering Heights have made an impressive mark on the European rock scene. They have decided To Travel For Evermore on their most recent release to reach that audience and beyond. The title is interesting in that their music does travel from one world to another all within one song, although the album title has nothing at all to do with their sound or musical style. Think of a good science fiction/action novel with a killer soundtrack and you have a quick summation of this group’s big sound. One close listen to the epic four-part drama “A Summer’s Confession” and you will fully realize this band’s breathtaking capability as skillful musicians and storytellers. You get the best of both worlds with a mystical and magical storyline set to fantastical music to drive it home. This album will be a notable addition to your collection of progressive rock movers and shakers. The sound quality is adequate although it could use some modifications concerning clarity with the final mix down and mastering; other than that, all their ducks are in row. I know in my heart of hearts that next time out that will happen for the group. Only the best prog-rock will leave a lasting impression and leave you in dire need of more of the same, you can count on that happening with this album. Very soon, this band will be ringing in your ears and consciousness on regular basis.

Walter Scheurer - UNDERGROUND EMPIRE - webzine - Germany - 12 out of 15 points
Der Bandname erinnert mich an ANGRA (zwar sollte eher Kate BUSH als Einflußquelle angegeben werden, stammt von ihr doch besagter Song, den die Brasilianer auf gekonnte Weise umsetzten) und bereits nach dem ersten Durchlauf wird mir bewußt, daß meine Einschätzung gar nicht so weit daneben liegt. Diese "europäische" Band (drei Dänen, zwei Schweden und ein Italiener) schafft es mühelos, mit den Brasilianern mitzuhalten, und zwar nicht nur stilistisch, sondern auch qualitativ. Als weitere Anhaltspunkte müssen noch SYMPHONY X und LABYRINTH genannt werden, deren Sound auch nicht allzu weit von »To Travel For Evermore« entfernt ist. Im Prinzip kann fast schon von einer "Underground-Supergroup" gesprochen werden, denn mit Lorenzo Deho (b, der Italiener, TIME MACHINE), Kristian Andren (v, einst bei MEMENTO MORI, TAD MOROSE und FIFTH REASON) und Henrik Flyman (g, nebenbei ZOOL, zuvor MOAHNI MOAHNA) sind drei zumindest im Untergrund bekannte Gesichter am Werk. Die drei Dänen, Bandgründer Erik Raven (g), Drummer Morten Sörensen und Keyboarder Rune Brink, vervollständigen das Line-Up von WUTHERING HEIGHTS. Mit »To Travel For Evermore« sollte der Sprung aus dem Untergrund gelingen.

Based out of Denmark, Wuthering Heights is a symphonic metal band that also relies on progressive structures as well in their songs. Produced by Tommy Hansen (Pretty Maids, Chroming Rose, Helloween) Wuthering Heights relies on epic compositions that highlight their ability to handle complicated material. Most of the tracks on "To Travel For Evermore" clock in at 6 minutes or more. These songs weave have a stark contrast of emotions through the symphonic speed metal massages then falling into the technical progressive passages. Overall, Wuthering Heights latest disc requires full concentration as it is not a disc to have on as background music. Multiple listens will allow you to fully appreciate the laborious effort the band has put into this disc.

Larry Dagllieri - PROGRESSIVE WORLD - webzine - USA
Wuthering Heights is back with a new disc, and a new outlook. Their last disc, Within, was met with mixed reviews, but still showed what the band was capable of. To Travel For Evermore shows exactly what the band is made of, while solidifying their signature sound, which is symphonic / progressive power metal with folk elements. Yes, folk elements mixed in with the other styles. A truly unique blend of power, melody, and folk styles, the band continues to keep their progressive sound alive, yet this time they have opted to inject a huge folk element into their music. At times, they remind me of Rhapsody, except less speedy and more folk-like. Wuthering Heights chooses to remain heavy this time out as well, except that a couple of aspects have changed. First, the songwriting has gotten much better, and there is a lot more thought put into this disc in the writing dept. They had long songs previously, but this time, with tracks that 7 - 9:00 in length, they manage to keep the songs more interesting, heavier, and more dramatic. The key word here is dramatic. It sounds as though the band is more comfortable with itself and has a lot more confidence. The guitars are heavier, the keyboards play a bigger role, and the overall sound is very symphonic and dramatic. Second, the production is much better this time out as well. Within sounded a lot less bombastic, less confident, and less powerful overall. Here, the production pulls out the key elements of the band, mainly the guitars and vocals. Kristian “Krille” Andren (ex-Tad Morose) clearly feels more at home on this outing, rather than a guest singer who was handed a tape and asked to sing on it. He clearly “feels” the music here, and is singing in a much more powerful voice than ever. His style has not changed over the years, and his power and range are still evident. Of note, there are many more instrumental passages here, showing off the skills of the various members of the band. The disc serves a dual purpose; one in showing the maturity of the band, the other the skill level. Each song is divided into smaller parts of the whole, changing tempos, beats, and other times giving the impression that the song has changed completely to the next song, while you find yourself immersed the entire time in one whole song. Each song is written like in story-like fashion, true to Rhapsody and Blind Guardian style, with Wuthering Heights clearly being the more progressive of the mentioned bands. The music ranges from speedy / double bass tunes to progressive passages that completely change the feel of the song, to shorter / chunkier passages. If you like your progressive metal mixed up with several style of music, with certain, symphonic / majestic style, injected with folk elements along the way, you won’t be disappointed with Wuthering Heights. While people are complaining about clones, bands that release similar music with each disc, and are looking for something unique, Wuthering Heights is a good place to find some unique, powerful, progressive metal.

Michael - PROGPAGES.COM - webzine - USA - October 2002 - 89 out of 100 points
To Travel Forevermore was easily one of my most anticipated purchases of 2002, as I felt the weaknesses on the debut could be remedied quite easily. Let me start by saying that this is one of those rare follow-ups where the production and mix are actually poorer than the debut’s – the guitar tone is somewhat dull, the drums are a little tinny, and the bass is nearly inaudible. This is particularly evident on the intro track, “Behind Tearstained Ice”, which has some enchanting melodies but a rather artificial keyboard sound. And on the eight-minute instrumental “Battles of the Seasons”— guitar heavy track with impressive classical chops and Persian melodies—I can barely hear one note of bass guitar. Musically and lyrically, however, this album shines brilliantly. Krille’s vocals, thankfully, are much stronger… and stay on key. To Travel Forevermore offers three folkish symphonic speed metal tunes: “The Nevershining Stones”, “Dancer in the Light” and “See Tomorrow Shine” (my favorite of the three). And four epic tracks: which includes the aforementioned instrumental, “Lost Realms” (slower with somewhat unorthodox vocal melodies for power metal), “A Sinner’s Confession” (offering tight instrumental prowess and glorious melody) which is my choice track, and “Through Within To Beyond.” And, is it just me, or does Krille sing “…quest for pussy, I shall shave my own path” instead of “quest for quest’s sake, I will shape my own path?” Either way, this is one of the better releases of 2002. And for fans of progressive power metal that don’t mind shoddy production, I couldn’t recommend it more.

Math Chamberlain - PROGPOWER - webzine - International
Are we holding, in our very hands, the future of power metal? I'm more than tempted to say yes. Whilst I honestly think that some power metal bands release generic albums just for the sake of jumping on the running train, others really try to make a difference. Wuthering Heights’ latest effort is a perfect example of a band trying to make a difference. What was already started on Within, their first album, continues to shine on this second release of theirs. Is To Travel Forevemore different from their first album? Not really. They still stand on the thin edge between power and prog metal, which make them sound different from the average "true metal" bands we are used to hearing nowadays. They offer us a lot of variations, time changes, strong riffs, and tons of melodies throughout the entire epic trip that this album represents. Erik Ravn, main writer and guitarist of the band, still writes some very strong power metal songs like “The Nevershining Stones“ and „Lost Realms“. I’m still in shock after hearing some of the unique and original riffs he created. He has this way of starting a song with a rhythm and then turning it around and taking a completely different direction. On the first album, I found some songs were lacking structures, this time around everything runs smoothly. The rest of the band delivers a perfect performance for this kind of music, and I would like to give yet another special mention to the well known Swedish vocalist Kristian "Krille" Andrén (ex-Fifth Reason, Street Talk, Tad Morose and Memento Mori singer), who, compared to other power metal singers, provides quite a unique vocal performance, thanks to his recognisable voice and tone. The main problem, I think, with To Travel Forevemore is the production. Even though it was done by Thomas Hansen, known for his past work with Helloween, (for instance,) the mastering done by Bob Katz lacks power and volume, which kills a lot the epic sound that this kind of music needs. This is the only issue I wish the band would take care of before working on their next album. If their third release is as good as this second one, but has a better production, it will confirm what I stated at the top of this review.

Stefan Lejon - URKRAFT - webzine - Sweden - 8½ out of 10 points
If you like epic and symphonic power metal in the vein of Rhapsody, Blind Guardian and Symphony X, a purchase of Wuthering Heights (named after the novel by Emily Bronte) latest effort "To Travel For Evermore" is as obvious as having to take a shower every now and then. I had heard many good things about the band before receiving this cd and my expectations are fulfilled. The music is, as stated before, leaning on a symphonic/epic foundation with stunning melodies and a grand rhythm section. The fact that they use lots of piano work (probably done with a keyboard though) is very appealing and lifts the music further. The album contains 9 tracks of outmost quality and I can't find a single weak moment on here. From the atmospheric instrumental opener "Behind Tearstained Ice" to the mellow closing number "River Oblivion" this is a dead solid offering with a string of fantastic symphonic & progressive metal tracks inbetween. This Danish/Swedish/Italian sextet is one of the most promising acts within the genre right now and I urge all power and progressive metal fans to look them up. You won't be dissapointed, I promise.

Stefano Muscariello - HEAVY METAL - webzine - Italy - 8½ out of 10 points
I Wuthering Heights vengono fondati da Erik Ravn ed esordiscono con il loro primo album "Within" nel 1999, pubblicato qui da noi dalla Lucretia Records. A distanza di tre anni si ripresentano a noi con un nuovo lavoro intitolato "To Travel For Evermore" con una line up leggermente modificata. Entrano in formazione il chitarrista degli Zool Henrik Flyman e l'italianissimo bassista dei Time Machine Lorenzo Dehò. Il lavoro, pur rientrando nel filone Power Symphonic, risulta molto più articolato e vario. L'album può essere definito progressive quindi dal punto di vista della complessità e della libertà nella scrittura dei singoli brani. La produzione è decisamente ottima e ogni membro del gruppo dimostra tutto il suo valore nell'esecuzione dei pezzi; il cantante non ha una notevole estensione vocale, rimane più sui toni medi, particolare che ultimamente sto apprezzando in alcuni gruppi power. Sentire sempre acuti in tutti gli album power alla lunga stanca; non è l'unico modo di cantare. Da segnalare l'ottimo lavoro eseguito dalle chitarre e dal batterista; sempre precisi e puliti. Le canzoni sono sufficientemente lunghe, durata media sui sette minuti, e spaziano dal progressive metal allo speed metal passando per il folk con partiture neoclassiche ed orchestrali di sicuro effetto. L'album viene aperto con un intro strumentale "Behind Tearstained Ice" molto orchestrale a cui fa seguito la medievaleggiante e battagliera "The Nevershining Stones" con momenti più folkeggianti. Si sfocia nello speed metal con la successiva "Dancer In The Light" in cui vengono ripresi gli Helloween negli assoli di chitarra e nella parte subito prima del finale. "Lost Realms" è invece un lunghissimo brano lento atmosferico e malinconico a cui fa seguito la lunghissima strumentale "Battle Of The Seasons"; neoclassica nella parte iniziale che sfocia nel progressive metal con improvvisi cambi di tempo e assoli di chitarra sparati a velocità esagerata in pieno stile Malmsteen, tornando quindi in territorio neoclassico. La successiva "When The Jester Cries" è presente, purtroppo, solo nella versione giapponese dell'album ed è un pezzo a metà strada tra il progressive metal e lo speed metal. Tornando alle canzoni presenti nella versione europea incontriamo nell'ascolto "A Sinner's Confession", la più lunga dell'album, fondalmentalmente una canzone progressive metal ma con svariati momenti medievaleggianti, cori molto invadenti e favolosi assoli di chitarra neoclassici. Il power prog attuale viene proposto in "See Tomorrow Shine" con un intermezzo folk nella parte centrale e continui cambi di tempo che rendono il tutto molto dinamico. Si prosegue con la ballata "Through Within To Beyond" che diventa improvvisamente speed in certi momenti e folk in altri. La conclusiva "River Oblivion" è prettamente una canzone folk metal ispirata ai Blind Guardian. Concludendo il discorso, un album eccelso sotto tutti i punti di ascolto che non annoierà l'ascoltatore data l'alta dinamicità dei pezzi proposti. Non c'è una vera ballata nè una vera e propria canzone speed nè tantomeno una canonica canzone progressive metal. Ognuna di queste cose è stata miscelata sapientemente ed i momenti folk/medievaleggianti sono un'ottimo ingrediente in più. Onestamente mi sento di consigliare caldamente questo album a tutti ma sopratutto a coloro che cercano un album assolutamente vario e imprevedibile e non un semplice album canonico di power prog o di power sinfonico. Un gran bell'album.

Ferdi - LORDS OF METAL - webzine - The Netherlands - 80 out of 100 points
I remember very well my English classes in highschool. Once in very while we received the task of reading an English book, which at the time I found as exciting as watching paint dry. At the time I was primarily interested in playing videogames and watching tv, and the only books I had ever read were penned down by Tolkien. My teachers were ruthless though, and none could outrun not outlive their obligation to indulge in English literature. I mainly focussed on reading the works of Terry Pratchet (okay not exactly literature, but my teachers accepted it and I loved it), and gothic novels such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. A handful of choices were fixed though, and the book Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte was one of them. Even after ten years, hearing the name of that revolting book reminds me of just how hideous the experience of having to dig through its 400 pages really was. The story takes place in an isolated countryside, a naive setting too damn typical for prude Brittain in the Victorian age. The book tells a supposedly tragic lovestory that is blown out of proportion so much that’s it’s unbelievable up to a point where the romantic undertones make you want to puke your guts out. So as you can imagine, I wasn’t exactly taken by this 400-page novel, frankly because it’s so unbelievably gay that it puts public health in serious jeopardy. So when I heard that there was a Danish band with the same moniker, I wasn’t exactly anxious to hear their cd, to say the very least. Still, after listening to it a couple of times, it really grew on me. After listening to it for a couple of times I even started to like it, as it was a lot better than most other power metalbands released at roughly the same time. More or less the same goes for this sophomore cd. The music sounds even more accomplished than it did on the first cd. The main reason for this is that the songs are cut shorter, and as such are easier to listen too. At the same time the musical premises that this cd is built around are slightly more complicated, probably the result of two years of practising the guitar. The vocals too are better the second time around, so it’s pretty safe to say that this cd beats the first one in every respect. I must also mention the artwork, which looks very lovely and really stylish. All in all, Wuthering Height’s second cd is a great album – just too bad about the bandname.

Ate Hoekstra - GOTHCORE - webzine - The Netherlands - 8 out of 10 points
'To travel for evermore' is het tweede album van de Deense band Wuthering Heights. Na debuut album 'Within' is er in de line-up het een en ander gewijzigd. Op 'To travel for evermore' wordt bandbrein (tevens gitarist, bassist en toetsenist) Erik Ravn namelijk bijgestaan door toetsenist Rune S. Brink, gitarist Henrik Flyman (Zool), drummer Morten Sørensen, zanger Kristian Andren (ex-Tad Morose) en bassist Lorenzo Deho. Met deze zeskoppige line-up is Wuthering Heights erin geslaagd van 'To travel for evermore' een aangenaam album te maken. De progressieve Metal zoals Wuthering Heights die maakt klinkt dan wel niet nieuw, maar kent toch veel verassende invalshoeken. Niet vreemd dus dat vijf van de negen nummers boven de zes minuten klokken. Juist in deze nummers (zoals het ruim negen minuten durende "A sinner's confession") komt Wuthering Heights goed tot zijn recht. Soms lijkt Wuthering Heights wel eens iets van het bombastische geluid van Blind Guardian en Rhapsody te hebben opgesnoven. De productie van Tommy Hanssen houdt echter tegen dat Wuthering Heights over the top gaat, al had de muziek hier en daar wel iets meer dramatiek kunnen gebruiken. Nu draait het vooral om techniek bij Wuthering Heights. Dat is jammer, vooral nu de afgelopen jaren meerdere keren werd bewezen dat techniek en emotie wel degelijk hand in hand gaan. Wanneer Erik en zijn bandmaten dit punt weten te verbeteren (en Kristian nog iets zuiverder gaat zingen..) is Wuthering Heights in staat grote dingen te verrichten. Wil dat dan zeggen dat 'To travel for evermore' een slecht album is? Nee; kijk naar de onderstaande score, luister naar de fantastische songs "Lost realms", "The neverending stones", "A sinner's confession", "See tomorrow shine" en "Through within to beyond" en laat je verassen door deze Deense band die in de toekomst nog wel eens met veel mooiere dingen kan gaan komen.

EvilG - - 4 out of 5
Denmark is not known to be a super happening spot for metal. It has always lagged behind its Scandinavian peers in terms of the quantity and quality of metal bands. There are of course bands that break this stereotype and help to change this impression. Wuthering Heights is one such band. TO TRAVEL FOR EVERMORE is the band’s second full-length album following 1999’s WITHIN. The band is made up of: Rune S. Brink (keyboards), Henrik Flyman (guitar), Morten Sørensen (drums), Kristian "Krille" Andrén (vocals) and the band’s mastermind - Erik Ravn (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals).TO TRAVEL FOR EVERMORE opens with a 2:15 intro entitled “Behind Tearstained Ice.” This is followed by the track “The Nevershining Stones.” Even on first listen I liked what I heard from this song as it had all the ingredients that I look for in a solid prog-power metal band – technical playing, great vocals, and no over indulgent playing that makes the song become boring. The next track, “Dancer In The Light”, comes close to Kamelot in terms of style. There are slight orchestration sections, and the vocals are not too high, nor are they low. Kristen Andren (ex-Tad Morose) provides vocals that are rich and emotional, coming off sounding a little like Roy Kahn from Kamelot. “Battle of the Seasons” is one of my favorite tracks on the CD, and it’s an 8+ min instrumental! It begins with some awesome ripping neo-classical shred followed by some trade off leads between guitar and the keyboards. The soloing doesn’t let up until the 1:50 mark when a riff comes in that sounds like some sort of odd progressive thrash concoction. By 2:50 the song moves into it’s next section with more of the soloing. At 3:50 comes in a very cool Yngwie-ish melody line backed by thundering drums. This song is jam-packed with goodies from slow melodic parts to neo-classical shredding that held my attention from beginning to end. If you like Kamelot, progressive metal and Yngwie then this track is for you. I really liked the vocals melodies on “See Tomorrow Shine.” Not that it’s the greatest song on the CD, but something about the way the vocals and melody lines weave their way amongst the riffs makes it sound phrased just perfectly. There is a reference to Lord Of The Rings in the lyrics with the line “Gwaihir! Hear me calling. Lord of the sky, take me high.” I knew the name rang some bell in the back of my mind. After quickly looking it up I found that Gwaihir is the lord of the Eagles. Hr rescued Gandalf from the pinnacle of Orthanc and from the peak of Zirakzigil. He and he and his kind brought Frodo and Sam out of Mordor after the destruction of the One Ring.The strong guitar melodies, solid vocals, great drumming and excellent sounding production (produced by Tommy Hansen who needs NO introduction for any of us into this type of metal) stand out for this band. Progressive touches add a nice edge to the power metal mix of Kamelot, Dark Moor and Rhapsody. If you like those bands and you like progressive metal, then this will be very easy to get into. The nice thing is it doesn’t sound exactly like any of these bands. I definitely now have to go back and check out the band’s 1999 album WITHIN while I eagerly await their future albums!

Ultimate Dave - CHAOS METAL - webzine - USA - December 2002 - 8½ out of 10 points
This album is purely power metal, when I first listened to this, I was immediately reminded of Poverty’s No Crime in the vocal department. Though WH surpasses them by far in the guitar department, both bands are similar musically. Both bands go for power metal with much less annoying vocals than a lot of bands out there. These two bands can be best described as sort of a power prog style. Since PNC is from Germany, and WH from the neighboring Denmark, I could only hope that it’s a regional thing. Because this stuff is just great, I could only wish that bands that aren’t out to make silly power metal could take some notes on this album. The instrumentation on this album is just outstanding, the guitars are extremely well done, with folky acoustic sections behind certain parts. I would also like to point out the drums, if you listen to bands like Stratovarius, you’ll notice how the beat is the same in every song in every section. This is not the case with WH, though you have the typical power metal drum beat occurring every so often, it is played over very well in the context of the song, very reminiscent of Symphony X drumming. Now that I think about it, the guitar and keyboard solos seem to be straight from Symphony X songs, so you know they’re good. This album is extremely well done, If you are a fan of Primal Fear, Symphony X, Stratovarius, King Diamond, or any band of the genre… you will find that this will be a great addition to your collection. I highly recommend this album.

Stefano Muscariello - HEAVY METAL ITALIA - webzine - Italy - 8½ out of 10 points
Wuthering Heights vengono fondati da Erik Ravn ed esordiscono con il loro primo album "Within" nel 1999, pubblicato qui da noi dalla Lucretia Records. A distanza di tre anni si ripresentano a noi con un nuovo lavoro intitolato "To Travel For Evermore" con una line up leggermente modificata. Entrano in formazione il chitarrista degli Zool Henrik Flyman e l'italianissimo bassista dei Time Machine Lorenzo Dehò. Il lavoro, pur rientrando nel filone Power Symphonic, risulta molto più articolato e vario. L'album può essere definito progressive quindi dal punto di vista della complessità e della libertà nella scrittura dei singoli brani. La produzione è decisamente ottima e ogni membro del gruppo dimostra tutto il suo valore nell'esecuzione dei pezzi; il cantante non ha una notevole estensione vocale, rimane più sui toni medi, particolare che ultimamente sto apprezzando in alcuni gruppi power. Sentire sempre acuti in tutti gli album power alla lunga stanca; non è l'unico modo di cantare. Da segnalare l'ottimo lavoro eseguito dalle chitarre e dal batterista; sempre precisi e puliti. Le canzoni sono sufficientemente lunghe, durata media sui sette minuti, e spaziano dal progressive metal allo speed metal passando per il folk con partiture neoclassiche ed orchestrali di sicuro effetto. L'album viene aperto con un intro strumentale "Behind Tearstained Ice" molto orchestrale a cui fa seguito la medievaleggiante e battagliera "The Nevershining Stones" con momenti più folkeggianti. Si sfocia nello speed metal con la successiva "Dancer In The Light" in cui vengono ripresi gli Helloween negli assoli di chitarra e nella parte subito prima del finale. "Lost Realms" è invece un lunghissimo brano lento atmosferico e malinconico a cui fa seguito la lunghissima strumentale "Battle Of The Seasons"; neoclassica nella parte iniziale che sfocia nel progressive metal con improvvisi cambi di tempo e assoli di chitarra sparati a velocità esagerata in pieno stile Malmsteen, tornando quindi in territorio neoclassico. La successiva "When The Jester Cries" è presente, purtroppo, solo nella versione giapponese dell'album ed è un pezzo a metà strada tra il progressive metal e lo speed metal. Tornando alle canzoni presenti nella versione europea incontriamo nell'ascolto "A Sinner's Confession", la più lunga dell'album, fondalmentalmente una canzone progressive metal ma con svariati momenti medievaleggianti, cori molto invadenti e favolosi assoli di chitarra neoclassici. Il power prog attuale viene proposto in "See Tomorrow Shine" con un intermezzo folk nella parte centrale e continui cambi di tempo che rendono il tutto molto dinamico. Si prosegue con la ballata "Through Within To Beyond" che diventa improvvisamente speed in certi momenti e folk in altri. La conclusiva "River Oblivion" è prettamente una canzone folk metal ispirata ai Blind Guardian. Concludendo il discorso, un album eccelso sotto tutti i punti di ascolto che non annoierà l'ascoltatore data l'alta dinamicità dei pezzi proposti. Non c'è una vera ballata nè una vera e propria canzone speed nè tantomeno una canonica canzone progressive metal. Ognuna di queste cose è stata miscelata sapientemente ed i momenti folk/medievaleggianti sono un'ottimo ingrediente in più. Onestamente mi sento di consigliare caldamente questo album a tutti ma sopratutto a coloro che cercano un album assolutamente vario e imprevedibile e non un semplice album canonico di power prog o di power sinfonico. Un gran bell'album.

Keitel - HEAVYMETAL.DK - webzine - Denmark - 8 out of 10 points
Wuthering Heights er et prog-symphonic Power Metal band fra Danmark, Sverige og Italien (3 danskere, 2 svenskere og en Mafioso). De spiller her, på deres anden plade, en stil der sjældent er hørt i norden. Da de fleste Power Metal bands fra norden lyder som Helloween kloner, er det fedt at høre et band der spiller lidt mere i stil med Angra og Symphony X. De bands de 6 musikere kommer fra er også vidt forskellige, lige fra den gamle Tad Morose sanger K.Andréns melodiske sang til M. Sørensens brutale trommespil i Danske Melo-death bandet Aurora. Dette kendetegner også musikken; det ene øjeblik er der en masse stille passager, det næste øjeblik fyrer de den af. Der er faktisk noget for alle på denne skive. Dem der kun er til Prog Metal og dem der mere er til let fordøjelige numre. De bedste numre synes jeg er den melodiske "Lost Realms", samt den utrolig flotte instrumetal "Battle of the Seasons". Jeg kan lige nævne at de snart går i studiet igen for at indspille den næste fuldlængde og så er det at håbe at deres næste plade bliver udgivet på samme tid worldwide, jeg kan absolut ikke tro at det er en fordel at udgive en plade med 9 måneders mellemrum i forskellige lande, som det er tilfældet med "To Travel For Evermore". Jeg har da også lidt kritik her til sidst; lyden er lidt tynd og ikke særlig heavy, selvom den er indspillet af Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids) i Jailhouse Studios.

David Noaksson - METALHEART2YA - webzine - Sweden - 8 out of 10 points
I danska Wuthering heights musikskapande kretsar det mesta kring komplexitet och progressivitet. Komplicerad musikuppbyggnad där inget lämnas åt slumpen helt enkelt. Att beskriva skivan i detalj skulle ta en evighet så just därför får ni nöja er med att bara skrapa på ytan av detta mastodonta byggnadsverk. Den enda kvarvarande originalmedlemmen i detta band är även den som skriver den mesta musiken, nämligen gitarristen Erik Ravn. På sång finner vi också den inte allför okända sångaren Kristian Andrén (ex. Tad morose) som gör ett ypperligt jobb med sin sköna stämma. Det går att finna mängder av variation på plattan, kanske till och med lite för mycket för att få något vettigt grepp om musiken. Vi bjuds hela tiden på invecklade taktarter som kanske ändrar sig lite för ofta i mitt tycke. Även snabba och krångliga gitarrsolon går att finna så allt lutar väl åt det progressiva hållet, eller? Faktum är att det inte gör det eftersom de väger upp allt på ett riktigt snyggt sätt med att t.ex. blanda in folkmusiksinspirerande partier men även raka "in-your-face" melodier. Grymma refränger mixas titt som tätt med svängiga verser och Kristian sjunger på för full hals, och hans breda register gör det möjligt att variera sitt gnolande rejält. Musikaliskt så har de flera gemensama nämnare med band som Symphony X, Rhapsody och Blind guardian även om de har hittat sin alldeles egna stil där mängder av musikgenres ryms. Jag borde förmodligen gett skivan några fler snurr i skivspelaren innan jag recenserade den eftersom den har en tendens att växa för varje gång jag lyssnar på den. Hur som helst, är man ett stort fan av band som Symphony X och Blind guardian kommer Wuthering heights ses som

EV - THE ROCK - webzine - Germany
Ein gutes Buch habe ich mir sagen lassen und ein noch besserer Songs. Macht sich aber als Bandname auch nicht schlecht. Fans zarter und auch wieder wuchtig in Szene gesetzter Prog-Speed-Klänge und klassischer Einflüsse werden bei *To Travel… * auf jeden Fall auf ihre Kosten kommen. Doch auch die unter uns, die Metal der symphonischen Note à la Stratovarius, Time Machine und Sonata Arctica mögen, werden an diesem Silerling wohl nur schwerlich vorbeikommen. Die progressiven Elemente sind absolut intelligent eingestreut und verfeinern eher den Sound und die facettenreiche Stimmung als daß sie einen auf eine musikalische Talfahrt durch die verworrensten Gehirnwindungen schicken würden. Power Metal-orienierte Steigerungen, klar, ausgedehnte und filigrane Soli treffen auf interessante Tempoabwandlungen, während sich die Vocals und Drums eher um die Eingängikeit der ganzen Geschichte kümmern. Wuthering Heights sind keine jener Prog-Bands, die mit fettem Sound, brachialen Breaks oder dergleich glänzt. Trotz der Dynamik und der flotten Passagen wirken sie eher wie eine symphonische, etwas härtere und manchmal Neo-Speed-Klassik-Anfall-habende Version von Rush und Co.

D. Cockett - DESTINY - webzine - USA
I have to admit that epic / progressive metal act Wuthering Heights are a new one on me, although I'm led to believe that 'To Travel For Evermore' is their second full length release, debut 'Within' gaining an official release some three years back. A predominantly Danish project led by guitarist Erik Raven, the two names which may mean something to fans of the genre are those of vocalist Kristian Andren (formerly of Tad Morose and Memento Mori), and guest bassist Lorenzo Deho (from Italian masters Time Machine). Offering the listener plenty of musical light and shade, Wuthering Heights cover everything from galloping speed metal ('The Nevershining Stones') to epic ballads ('Lost Realms'), making 'To Travel For Evermore' a real melting pot of ideas. Raven turns in a dazzling performance throughout, his intense riffs and lightening fast runs always impressive - especially when you combine them with some of the keyboard flurries of Rune S. Brink. If a mixture Of Angra, Stratovarius, Rhapsody, Tad Morose and Conception sounds like it could be up your street, then my advice is to check this out pronto!

Mape Ollila - IMPERIUMI - webzine - Finland - 7½ out of 10 points
Wuthering Heights esittelee meille kakkosalbumillaan sinfoniseen tapaan sovitettua progressiivista heavy metallia tanskalaisittain. Vielä esikoisellaan "Within" (1999) Wuthering Heights oli oikea yhtye, mutta bändin sisäiset skismat ovat puhallelleet miehistön taivaan tuuliin ja edellislevyn ajoilta kakkoslevyllä on jäljellä enää kolme äijää. Lähtijöiden tilalle on Tanskan metalliscenestä ollut ilmeisen hankalaa hankkia korvaavia muusikoita, koska "To Travel for Evermoren" tekoon on hankittu sessiopohjaista aputyövoimaa italialaisen Time Machinen basisti Lorenzo Dehón (joka sattuu olemaan myös Wuthering Heightsin levy-yhtiön pomo), rumpali Morten G. Sørensenin ja hurrikitaristi Henrik Flymanin (Zool) muodossa. Uusi basisti sentään on levyn teon jälkeen löytynyt. Ruotsista. Humisevan Harjun musisointi ei ole ihan sitä tyypillisintä power metallia, vaan sen elokuvamaiseen tapaan ohjattu tarinallinen dramaattisuus ja akustinen folk-henkisyys tuo mieleen Blind Guardianin tunnelmallisuuden. Wuthering Heightsin kappalemateriaali ja tarinankuljetus ovatkin pääosin saksalaisia rauhallisempia ja turhan pitkine biiseineen myös latteampia. Lässähtäneisyyden mielikuvaa ruokkii myös ruotsalaisvokalisti Krille Andrén, jonka sinänsä tekninen ja miellyttävä ääni kärsii pahaa vajetta nyanssiosatolla, miehen laulu kuulostaa läpi levyn yhtä innottomalta. No, levyn teon jälkeen on ovea näytetty myös Andrénille... joka on korvattu toisella ruotsalaisella. Levyn alun tunnelmallisuuden (lue: aneemisuuden ja värittömyyden) jälkeen Battle of the Seasonsissa yhtye yltyy vimmaiseen, artensionmaiseen neoklassiseen progeinstrumentaalisirkukseen, joka kyllä vakuuttaa äijien olevan pelimiehiä soittopeliensä kimpussa, mutta muutoin soitinmasturbaatio lähinnä vain ihmetyttää, se kun ei vie levyn tarinaa mihinkään. Ko. juonellisesta kiveen karahtamisesta huolimatta levyn mielenkiinto kasvaa ko. tiluihmeen jälkeen parin biisin ajaksi uudelle tasolle, koska sekä moniosainen "A Sinner's Confession" että irkkuhenkinen "See Tomorrow Shine" jatkavat samaa rivakampaa ja helpommin kuunneltavaa linjaa. Tämä taso ei valitettavasti kuitenkaan kanna albumin loppuun saakka. "Through Within to Beyond" kärsii äkkivääristä tahtilajiratkaisuistaan huolimatta myös samaa ideoiden ja luonteen puutetta kuin levyn alun väsyttävät vaatoilut. Levyn parasta antia onkin keskiaikaisuutta ja etnohenkeä uhkuva lopetuskappale, teatraalinen "River Oblivion", jossa melodia ja kohtalokas tunnelma kantaa helposti kappaleen loppuun saakka. Ilmeisestä kunnianhimoisuudestaan huolimatta Wuthering Heightsin pitäisi omaksua se vanha totuus, että taidokkaidenkaan soittajien kohdalla dramaattisuus ja progressiivisuus eivät saa olla tehdyn musiikin itseisarvoja. Hyvillä ideoilla tehty neliminuuttinen biisi on aina parempi kuin hyvillä ja huonoilla ideoilla tehty seitsenminuuttinen.

Ricardo Manazza - METALLUS - webzine - Italy - 7½ out of 10 points
Nessun dubbio, i Wuthering Heights sono una band con personalità. Sono infatti una delle poche formazioni in circolazione (forse l’unica) in grado di miscelare con sapienza stili spesso stridenti come il power-speed epico e il prog-metal raffinato. Riuscite ad immaginare i Blind Guardian indugiare frequentemente su fraseggi melodici e sapori vagamente bucolici? Ecco, avete un’idea di quello che vi aspetta. Un pezzo come ‘Dancer In The Light’ rappresenta la summa stilistica di quanto ha proposto il metal negli ultimi dieci anni, con assalti all’arma bianca, variazioni ritmiche, epicità a fiotti e ariosità di matrice classicheggiante. Ma non è un episodio isolato. Tutto l’album infatti propone soluzioni variegate e personali sul tema del metal classico influenzato da componenti esterne come il folk, la musica classica, il prog rock. La cosa che colpisce è come, pur inserendo tanti elementi la musica dei Wuthering Heights rimanga ben ancorata alle radici, risultando in alcuni frangenti ben più aggressiva della maggior parte delle band di power metal moderno per poi lasciarsi trasportare da divagazioni armoniche comunque mai banali. A proposito, ascoltate la power-siute(!?) ‘A Summer’s Confession’, una delle migliori song dell’anno in corso. Rimane qualche piccola perplessità, soprattutto su alcune passaggi vocali non perfetti e su una produzione che non rende al massimo sui suoni di batteria (troppo secca). Siamo comunque davanti ad un lavoro che non può mancare a tutti coloro si aspettano dal metal qualcosa di più che un ritornello orecchiabile e una ritmica monotona.

Alex - METALREVIEWS.COM - Webzine - Switzerland - October 2002 - 77 out of 100 points
Last time Wuthering Heights released their album (the debut Within) it took Metalreviews a long time to get to it. So, I decided to jump the gun this time and alert the public that the follow-up To Travel For Evermore has been released on Sensory Records. I simply think that the art of this group of skilled musicians should not go unnoticed. Aside from King Diamond and famous producer Fleming Rasmussen not much metal has been coming out of Denmark. Guitarist/songwriter/band leader Erik Ravn has attempted to change that with Wuthering Heights. This classically trained musician enlisted the services of former Tad Morose vocalist Krille Andren, a few other interested people and embarked on what is supposed to be a three part progressive power somewhat concept series. To Travel For Evermore is the second installment. Aside the new drummer (Morten Sørensen of Aurora), additional guitarist (Henrik Flyman of Zool) and new bassist (Lorenzo Deho of Time Machine) several changes jumped out at me compared to the debut Within. The production, especially drums and guitar, is much improved. The drums are quite a bit more powerful and come to the forefront without distracting. The high frequency, "buzzing bee" sound of the guitar became much cleaner. Good changes! Violin is not present on any of the tracks, and that is too bad, as it gave Wuthering Heights a special flavor. Nevertheless, the music is still very much folk oriented. One can find melodic lines of Hungarian chardash dance (Battle Of The Seasons), Irish folk music with a flute and German polka (See Tomorrow Shine) and Gypsy beats in the closer River Oblivion. Compared to the debut there are several more straightforward, power metal oriented songs played with conviction. The Nevershining Stones with its classic piano interlude and catchy See Tomorrow Shine with its slightly off-kilter drumming qualify. Howewer, the majority of the tracks are the sum of the complex parts. Acoustic guitar and heavier riffs alternate, Ravn showcases some fingertwisting sweeping solos, rhythm changes abound and keyboards impinge on the guitar at times. The instrumental Battle Of The Seasons reminded me in this regard of Andromeda, but it is much more neo-classical than jazzy, and the keyboard is not quite as spacey. A Sinner's Confession is broken down in four sub-parts for easier digestion, but I am not sure it would help the listener to sort out the millions of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Andren's touching vocals are extremely suitable for the story of Time and Space Traveller. Combined with excellent arrangements I figure they would make a good soundtrack for a fantasy movie. Wuthering Heights is all about non-commercial excellent musicianship and progressive nature of the music. Sometimes the complexity of the music and the number of rhythm changes in one song overwhelm and make it not easy to follow. Band members certainly seem to enjoy their work, but at times go on self-indulgent rampages and lose the listener. I can definitely attest to this not being an easy-to-get-into-from-the-first-listen album. Thus, consider the quote given for this album moving upward as I manage more spins in the nearest future. Worth investing.

RNO - BEYOND - webzine - Belgium - 74 out of 100 points
J'avoue que j'ai eu un peu de mal à me familiariser avec Wuthering Heights. Techniquement, c'est super bien foutu ; on y retrouve un côté théâtral qui n'est pas du tout déplaisant et les effets au niveau de l'ensemble de la production sont assez intéressants. Il me reste néanmoins un sentiment de perdition que je ne saurais expliquer sans commettre un impair. C'est que - j'insiste - il n'y a rien de mauvais sur cet album... J'avais pensé que le problème pouvait provenir du chant. C'était une éventualité. Il n'est pas toujours super juste lorsqu'il s'envole dans les gammes les plus aiguës, mais il a un certain cachet. Et ça, voyez-vous, c'est la chose la plus importante. Un chanteur sans un timbre qui accroche, c'est comme une carie sans le dentiste : ce n'est pas permis... Je crois que là où la plupart des gens se perdront, c'est dans la complexité des compositions. Elles ne font pas l'effet " patchwork ", mais il ne s'agit pas non plus de structures couplet/refrain bien classiques. Enfin, on en a vu d'autres... Vous savez plus ou moins à quoi vous attendre, donc ne venez pas pleurer chez moi si vous êtes déçus... Pour les amateurs de Prog et de Metal néoclassique uniquement.

TRUEMETAL.IT - webzine - Italy - 73 out of 100 points
Dopo tre anni dal debut, i Wuthering Heights si ripresentano con il loro secondo full-length. Il sound di questa band combina con il gusto che si addice alle band danesi (Royal Hunt su tutte) symphonic, progressive e speed metal, e non disdegna di spingersi in territori meno battuti come il folk, inteso come musica tradizionale in senso lato (non solo anglo-sassone). A personalizzare la proposta ci pensa la voce di Kristian Andren (ex Tad Morose e Memento Mori), le cui linee sono tutt'altro che banali e noiose, anche se a volte fanno pericolosamente accostare i WH ai Tad Morose. Ovviamente a fare da padrone nella musica del combo di Copenaghen si staglia la figura dominante del power metal neoclassico, tanto che è impossibile non notare l'influenza malmsteeniana in Erik Ravn, fondatore e chitarrista del gruppo. Esemplare in questi termini risulta la strumentale "Battle Of Seasons", anche perché il secondo chitarrista Henrik Flyman e il tastierista Rune S. Brink supportano Erik perfettamente. Le parti di basso sono state suonate dal guest Lorenzo Deho, dei nostrani Time Machine. I Wuthering Heights sembrano preferire di gran lunga gli up-tempo (su tutti lo speed metal di "The Nevershining Stones"), suonano per gran parte a ritmi tirati, eccezion fatta per "Lost Realms" lunga ballad in stile epico molto più cadenzata. Non mancano, come dicevo, gli innesti progressivi, come la delirante "A Sinner's Confession", che piacerà sicuramente ai progsters più ostinati: si tratta di una song aggressiva, sia musicalmente che vocalmente, con snervanti innesti tastierici e di backing vocals. Qui Andren, affiancato da cornamuse, riesce a rendere atmosfere celtic-folk, e probabilmente sarà apprezzato molto per il feeling delle sue lyrics, anche se forse non tutti i metallers old-style ne saranno attratti. Sapientemente inserita anche la traccia più "commerciale", ovvero "Dancer In The Light", dal prevedibile ritornello ma dal sicuro impatto, mentre a stemperare gli ambienti popular ci pensano le percussioni di Morten Sorensen, quasi continuamente alle prese con soluzioni folk-oriented (ascoltate il delicato tribale che conclude "Through Within To Beyond"), spesso sostenuto anche dagli altri strumenti con sezioni acustiche da brividi, che spaziano un po' su tutto il fronte musicale tradizionale europeo. I Wuthering Heights, in conclusione, offrono un'abbondanza di chiaroscuri che non vi annoieranno, coprendo molti sotto-generi del power metal, e rendendo "To Travel For Evermore" un vero calderone di idee, forse troppo confusionario, forse troppo poco, ma direi comunque di dargli un'ascoltata. Se siete fan di Conception e Tad Morose, vi sconsiglio di perderlo.

Bart - DREUN - webzine - Belgium
Als je tuk bent op bombastische metal, een vleugje prog en gerip en gescheur à la Malmsteen, dan ben je bij deze Denen aan het juiste adres. Symphony X meets Rhapsody meets Blind Guardian, zo je wilt. Wuthering Heigths bestaat uit voormalige bandleden van Time Machine, Zool, Aurora en Tad Morose waardoor de kwaliteit en professionaliteit buiten kijf staan. Het leuke aan Wuthering Heigths is dat men niet constant angstvallig vasthoudt aan die bombastische sound, zoals op het ingetogen “Lost Realms”. Op deze manier bijft ‘To Travel For Evermore’ leuk voor iedereen. Wuthering Heigths is een creatieve en technisch goed onderlegde band. De songs steken aardig in elkaar en dit album is te koop als goed verzorgde digipack. Nog iets?

Teddy Jonasson - LEVEL 11 - webzine - Sweden - 6 out of 11 points
After a great intro the real metal music starts, and I thought this would be better. The compositions are to weak, the solos to long and finally I don't like the production. Still there are good music on this album to. The song -Lost realms- for example sounds very good, all the way to the upspeeded part. This band can do a lot better than this...

Hans Jakup Eidisgaard - PAST AND PRESENT - webzine - Denmark - 4 out of 6 points
Danish metal bands haven’t been hanging from the trees lately, but it seems like that is all changing now with Nuclear Blast signing them by the truck-loads, and several others being signed to other smaller labels. One of the best exports from the Danish progressive metal scene is Wuthering Heights from Copenhagen (ok, not all members are Danish, but let’s forget that shall we?). Even though I live just outside of Copenhagen, I can’t say that I’ve ever heard Wuthering Heights music before, even though I’ve heard the praise from other progfans. The hype is well deserved to say the least, and Wuthering Heights definitely has no need to shy away on the international progmetal scene. The band compares itself to the likes of Symphony X, Angra, Blind Guardian and Rhapsody, which actually gives a pretty good description of what Wuthering Heights sound like. Especially the Rhapsody part shines through on “To Travel For Evermore.” Fans of power, neo-classical and progressive metal will find both the musical ability of this band, as well as the production of Tommy Hansen to be top notch.

Jens Surlykke Nielsen - DANISH METAL - webzine - Denmark - 3 out of 6 points
Der er sikkert ikke mange som har hørt om Wuthering Heighs, og jeg var også uden kendskab til deres eksistens. Den danske powermetal er efterhånden ved at få et boost op og er WH er med til at styrke denne scene. Wuthering Heighs spiller meget traditionel powermetal, som tydeligt er inspireret af store internationale bands, såsom Symphony X, Blind Guardian og Rhapsody. Desværre når gruppen aldrig rigtig op på deres niveau, og musikken bider aldrig rigtig fra sig. Generelt er skiven ret rodet og det virker klart som om at de har alt for mange idéer, som skal med. Det er tydeligt at høre at de er dygtige musikere, og musikken er ofte meget velkomponeret. Sangeren er af svensk import og det er jeg lidt uforstående overfor. Det er ikke fordi han synger skidt, men så god er han nu heller ikke. Man savner ofte mere variation, da han næsten kun synger moderat. Produktionen på ”To Travel For Evermore” er af yderste topklasse, men jeg savner klart en mere tydelig rytmeguitar, som er mixet for langt i baggrunden. Skiven rykker ikke mange tænder ud, men den falder sikkert i nogles smag, desværre bare ikke min.

Vinnie Apicella - BALLBUSTERHARDMUSIC.COM - webzine - USA - December 2002
Ah, a nice look back through the land of enchantment when modern day folklore was still in its infancy; when emerald forests and misty skies colored the canvas of a child's imagination; where heroes and villains and kings and knights and dragons littered the landscape of a countryside still at one with natural beauty. Wuthering Heights is a creative Danish band that one up's the many skillful five member wunderkinds in the realms of the Prog/Metal ring. "To Travel Forevermore" is an intuitive adventure through the inquisitive mind, without adhering to any one particular theme as one might expect another Tolkien-like crusade through fantasyland and troll-dom. It doesn't happen here, but there are other scenes set though scattered across both land and sea. While I'm not one for eight minute instrumental jaunts, "Battle Of The Seasons" steps quickly into the mid album spotlight where there's little time to lose before you're ducking for cover amidst a hail of arpeggios and electric FX and nearly crashes your fairy tale nightmare before its half over! Their instrumentation is above the norm inasmuch as cloning guitar scales with key runs and lower the drawbridge, sound the trumpets type fanfare. Naturally tight rhythms and multi-directional song patterns that defy the usual, slow, intermediate, fast, fade, variety breed with the occasional Celtic quest, wayward warrior ballad. Often, the songs pick right up with all guns blazing-"The Nevershining Stones," "Battle Of The Seasons" and "A Sinner's Confession," where this one, is like an unsuspected cross between classic Kansas and "Masquerade" era Running Wild, particularly in the picking. Such accentuated fretwork comes courtesy of Henrik Flyman who teams well with Erik Ravn's solidity in rhythmic rhyming for a dominant guitar heavy impact that's more in step with a, Threshold, Evergrey, or early Stratovarius type style. Expect, then, the many similar attributes we associate with vaunted Prog/Power imports-the classically trained intermissions, virtuosic leanings and skyward vocals; But also be prepared for several welcome intrusions by way of clean acoustic breaks, piano, percussive advances, the oddly timed fill and unexpected flights of fancy and character moves, all greatly prevailed upon particularly in the bombastic four part "A Sinner's Confession" and "See Tomorrow Shine." This could well be a sleeper hit for many listeners who'll linger a second longer to separate the soundtrack-like scenescape and discover a rare dawn in Denmark.

Ron - Vampire Magazine (web) - February 2003
Danish Intromental ( recently sent me a few promos from the American Sensory label. This band has been recommended to me a few years ago in an interview with Manticora. Wuthering Heights play neoclassical power metal with some progressive elements. According to the bio this band should appeal to fans of Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, Angra and Yngwie Malmsteen. Band leader Erik Ravn has written almost all the music and the lyrics which are the 2nd part of a trilogy. Unfortunately, I never heard their debut album "Within" which was the part of this projected musical trilogy. Anyway, the dynamics and amount of variation in the music on this album shows us that it's quite an vast project. And it's a pleasure to the ears that Erik has surrounded himself with excellent musicians like bass player Lorenzo Deho (Time Machine), guitarist Henrik Flymann (Zool) and singer Kristian Andren (ex-Tad Morose). Furthermore, Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Iron Fire) has given the album an excellent clear yet heavy production.The songs are quite long but due to the epic and symphonic elements intertwined with the heavy power metal parts one will have a lot of pleasure listening to this album before boredom comes to mind. Songs one should check out are "Dancer in the light", "Lost realms", the long musical roller coaster "A sinner's confession" (clocking just below 10 minutes) and the semi-acoustic closing track "River oblivion". Also take a listen to the long instrumental "Battle of the seasons" which is reminiscent of Yngwie "you've unleashed tha fokkin fury!" Malmsteen due to it's huge amount of pace changes and continuing guitar solo's.Do I have no critic then? Yes, I do. First, it's not very original to write a concept album in these days. But Wuthering Heights write a concept story over 3 albums, something which only reminds of Rhapsody (they did it over 4 albums). Secondly, overall Wuthering Heights are not as innovative as e.g. Into Eternity, Zero Hour or Wolverine. But when the music kicks ass like Wuthering Heights does, these critical notes are only minor remarks. All in all, definitely worth checking out!

Gregor Rönquist - PROGREVIEWS - webzine - Sweden - 6 out of 10 points
Wuthering Heights is a progressive and symphonic speed metal band, lead by the Danish guitarist Erik Ravn. The band have been around for quite some time now, released a album and went through some line-up changes. "To Travel For Evermore" is their second album where they're combining folk, neo-classical, progressive rock, speed metal and symphonic rock. Tommy Hansen who's known for his work with Helloween, Pretty Maids and many other bands produced the album. The musicians are technically skilled and the production is very good. Although they are combining many genres the overall impression is unfortunately quite unoriginal. It's however well played, the compositions are really good but it doesn't leave any lasting impressions. Their third album is already in the planning, and the recordings are set to begin in spring 2003.

Mike S - DEADTIDE - webzine - USA
Just when I thought that all the knowledge gained in high school was useless, the Danish metal act known as Wuthering Heights brings back the memories from my junior year English class. Along with the mandatory Beowulf and The Scarlet Letter, one other assignment that did not make much sense back then was Emily Bronte's 1847 literally work of love, passion, and revenge known as Wuthering Heights. Well, that was then, and this is now; all the aforementioned works have secured their respective places on my books to admire list. Yet, somehow I find it a novelty that a band would name itself after such a dramatic book. Yet, whatever the reason might have been, the main character of both plots (To Travel for Evermore and Wuthering Heights) is a wanderer who sees the world from a unique point of view - only a speculation on my part. The band's music is best described as symphonic speed/progressive metal. Yet, while such bands are dime a dozen throughout Europe, Wuthering Heights is actually quite good. Guided by the mastermind guitarist/bassist/keyboardist extraordinaire, Eric Ravn, Wuthering Heights creates some memorable compositions. What makes Wuthering Heights standout from the pack is the guitar work of Eric Ravn. While his playing style is somewhat similar to virtuoso guitar work by Michael Romeo (Symphony X), Ravn is inspired more by the folk and traditional music rather than classical like Romeo. This is clearly seen in the two strongest tracks on the album, Dancer in the Light and the instrumental, Battle of the Seasons. The folk melody in Dancer in the Light (0:54-1:04 and 2:17-2:37) is reminiscent of Eastern European folk music and the guitar solo in Battle of the Seasons (4:00-4:06 and 4:14-4:19) sounds like Ravn's take on Monti's Hungarian dance called Chardash. My two main complaints on To Travel for Evermore come in the production department. First of all, the kick drum is mixed way too high. It often distracts me, especially during the beginning of The Nevershining Stones. The vocals also sound too "up-front," which creates the feeling that Kristian Andren is singing in your ear. Moreover, the lack of reverb on his vocals makes them sound a bit unrefined. However, the overall skill showcased on To Travel for Evermore and the band's ability to write catchy songs makes this one a keeper. Fans of Symphony X, Adagio, and Angra will be pleasantly surprised with To Travel for Evermore. This album sounds fresh and exciting compared to many of its contemporaries and should be a welcome addition to the collection of traditional metal fan as well as those into more progressive metal.

Matthias Mineur - EMP - webzine - Germany
Kennern der zeitgemäßen Metal-Szene ist hinlänglich bekannt, dass seit Jahren eine Vielzahl der besten Bands aus Skandinavien kommt. Hammerfall, Malmsteen, Pretty Maids, Talisman, man könnte diese Liste unendlich fortführen. So gesehen stehen die Dänen Wuthering Heights (benannt nach dem Kate Bush-Hit) in guter Tradition. Ihr technisch hochwertiger Melodic Metal zeichnet sich durch faszinierende Soloparts, einen grossen Abwechslungsreichtum und massenhaft klassische Querverweise aus. Gitarrist und Hauptsongschreiber Erik Ravn vermischt auf dem zweiten Album "To travel for evermore" die Welten von Narnia, Rhapsody, Malmsteen, und Symphony X mit einer ganz eigenen Duftmarke, die vor allem durch den früheren Tad Morose- Sänger Kristian Andren gekennzeichnet ist. Andren verleiht mit seiner variablen Stimme den neun Songs (Spielzeit dennoch über 57 Minuten) Tiefgang und Variabilität, weiß zu glänzen und sich dezent zurückzuhalten, wenn seine Mitstreiter zu einem faszinierenden Technik-Showdown durchstarten. Toll gemacht.

Walter - PLANET METAL - webzine - Austria
Der Bandname erinnert mich an ANGRA (zwar sollte eher Kate BUSH als Einflussquelle angegeben werden, stammt doch besagter Song, den die Brasilianer auf gekonnte Weise umsetzten, von ihr) und bereits nach dem ersten Durchlauf wird mir bewusst, dass meine Einschätzung gar nicht so weit daneben liegt. Diese ³europäische„ Band (drei Dänen, zwei Schweden und ein Italiener) schafft es mühelos mit den Brasilianern mitzuhalten, und zwar nicht nur stilistisch, sondern auch qualitativ. Als weitere Anhaltspunkte müssen noch SYMPHONY X und LABYRINTH genannt werden, deren Sound auch nicht allzu weit von ³To Travel....„ entfernt ist. Im Prinzip kann fast schon von einer ³Underground-Supergroup„ gesprochen werden, denn mit Lorenzo Deho (B, der Italiener, vormals TIME MACHINE) , Kristian Andren (V, einst bei MEMENTO MORI, TAD MOROSE und FIFTH REASON) und Henrik Flyman (G, nebenbei ZOOL, zuvor MOAHNI MOAHNA) sind drei zumindest im Untergrund bekannte Gesichter am Werk. Bandgründer Erik Raven (G), Drummer Morten Sörensen und Keyboarder Rune Brink (die drei Dänen) vervollständigen das Line-Up von WUTHERING HEIGHTS. Mit ³To Travel For Evermore„ sollte der Sprung aus dem Untergrund gelingen.

Joost - PROGWERELD - webzine - The Netherlands
Wuthering Heights’ is een wereldberoemd boek van schrijfster Emily Bronte. Wuthering Heights was ook het liedje waarmee Kate Bush een grote hit scoorde. En Wuthering Heights is ook een Deense band die begin jaren ’90 is ontstaan in de metalscene van Kopenhagen. Gitarist Erik Ravn is zonder twijfel de drijvende kracht achter deze groep. Hij is het enige overgebleven lid van de originele bezetting. Bovendien componeert hij alle nummers en schrijft tevens bijna alle teksten. Teksten waarin hij zijn fantasie de vrije loop laat. Ondanks het feit dat Wuthering Heights al meer dan een decennium bestaat, is “To Travel For Evermore” pas de tweede plaat van dit gezelschap. In ’99 werd het debuut “Within” uitgebracht. Een cd die door de diverse relevante media goed werd ontvangen. Nu zijn we dus een dikke drie jaar (en enkele bezettingswisselingen) verder en worden we getrakteerd op het vervolg. Het valt niet mee om een eenduidige omschrijving te geven van de gehanteerde muzikale stijl op dit album. Elementen uit tal van genres klinken door in de epische composities van Ravn. Het is een mix van speedmetal, neo-klassiek, folk en powermetal met hier en daar wat progressieve randjes. De songs zijn zeer afwisselend en worden met de nodige bravoure gebracht. Met name Lost Realms en A Sinner’s Confession zijn karakteristieke nummers. Beide titels kennen lange, instrumentale passages waarin het theatrale aspect goed tot uitdrukking komt. Er zijn ook wel wat kritische kanttekeningen te plaatsen. De vaak bejubelde zanger Kristian Andrén (ex-Tad Morose en Memento Mori) kan hier toch niet echt overtuigen. Maar goed, dat probleempje is inmiddels opgelost; hij heeft de band na de opnames verlaten. Een ander minpuntje is de productie. De bekende producer Tommy Hansen (oa. Helloween) heeft wel eens beter werk geleverd. Vooral het geluid van de bekkens is soms behoorlijk irritant. Bovendien had het allemaal wel wat krachtiger en spetterender mogen klinken. Desondanks heeft Wuthering Heights met “To Travel For Evermore” een alleraardigst schijfje afgeleverd. Fans van bands als Blind Guardian, Angra en Rhapsody zullen deze fantasy metal zeker kunnen waarderen.

SPLENDID EZINE - webzine - USA - November 2002
Led by guitarist/songwriter Erik Ravn, Copenhagen-based Wuthering Heights returns with a well produced batch of progressive power metal that combines unbelievable complexity with brief forays into folk and traditional music. To Travel Forevermore isn't a typical collection of metal tunes under a common title. Rather, this throwback to a late '80s metal sub-genre is a monstrous musical being, cohesive from beginning to end, traversing several complex musical paths along the way. Forevermore is almost over the top. In the eight minute metal epics "Battle of the Seasons" and "Lost Realms", Ravn picks his way through elaborate guitar solos while the mid-pitched vocals of Kristian Andren create an operatic atmosphere. "A Sinner's Confession" is actually broken into four separate movements, following mankind's descent into the wretched state it has reached today. Shrill vocals and speedy guitar runs appear throughout each segment, leaving prog-metal fans in a musical dream world. However, with so much musical minutiae taking place, it's trying for the short-attention-spanned music lover to digest and comprehend the magnitude of each track; eventually, it all becomes an overwhelming blur. Wuthering Heights fit right alongside prog-metal maestros like Fates Warning and Spiral Architect. However, if your metal leanings are more towards the grindcore or death metal spectrums, or the thought of enduring nine minutes of modal scales and dissonant chords that look marvelous on paper is painfully unbearable, perhaps you shouldn't make the trip to and through

Georg Weihrauh - POWERMETAL.DE - webzine - Germany
Dänemark zählt nach wie vor nicht zu den Ländern, in denen Metal weit verbreitet ist. Neben dem Exportschlager PRETTY MAIDS versuchen zwar einige Bands, international Fuß zu fassen, doch national stoßen sie auf kaum Gegenliebe. Die WUTHERING HEIGHTS gehören wohl sogar mit zur Speerspitze des dänischen Metals, doch was sagt das aus, in einem Land, in dem die Metalbands so zahlreich gesäht sind wie Eisberge in der Ostsee? Wie dem auch sei. Mit ihrem Drittling "To Travel For Evermore" und einer Mischung aus Neoclassical Metal, Melodic Speed Metal und diversen progressiven Elementen versuchen sich die Dänen auf dem Internationalen Markt zu etablieren. Musikalisch gesehen könnte diese Rechnung sogar aufgehen. Bandleader und Gitarrist Erik Ravn ist es gelungen, erstklassige Musiker wie Kristian Andren (v., ex-TAD MOROSE), Lorenzo Deho (b., TIME MACHINE) und Hendrik Flymann (g., ZOOL) um sich zu scharen. Und mit Tommy Hansen hat man auch einen der Top-Produzenten im Melodic Speed-Genre gewählt, der wie üblich einen guten Job abgeliefert hat. Eingängigkeit ist im Vergleich zu Genre-Kollegen nicht das Markenzeichen von WUTHERING HEIGHTS. Ihr Schwerpunkt liegt eher auf vertrackten Melodien, Rhythmuswechseln und Fiedelsoli a la Malmsteen. Also garantiert keine leichte Kost. Gerade das über achtminütige Instrumental "Battle Of The Seasons" zeigt mit seinen Gitarren- und Keyboard-Duellen die Marschrichtung auf, denn auch die restlichen Songs liegen (bis auf den Opener und Schlußtrack) jenseits der Fünf-Minuten-Marke. Somit bleibt natürlich viel Spielraum für komplexere Songstrukturen. Als Schwachpunkt stellt sich beim mehrfachen Hören Frontman Kristian Andren heraus. Weiß er noch bei balladesken, sowie rockigen Parts zu überzeugen, fehlt seiner Stimme in letztendlich die notwendige Aggressivität, sobald die Band in die metallischeren Parts abdriftet. Für Fans angesprochener Stilrichtungen ist das Scheibchen auf alle Fälle einen Reinhörer wert. Anspieltipps: Lost Realm, Battle Of The Seasons

Wrathchild - METALREVIEW - webzine - USA
Wuthering Heights is a pretty generic power/prog/speed metal band. They follow the old cliché of "awesome technicality, no substance" that we see so often in power metal bands today. This doesn’t mean they are a bad band, or even a boring one, but like so many other bands, they are forgettable. They just lack the intangibles. Production-wise and musician-wise, Wuthering Heights is top-notch. "To Travel For Evermore" was nicely produced, with good use of sound effects/keyboards to add to the guitars. The riffs are just bland though, there is not much to keep you interested here. The singer is pretty generic too, he has some conviction and emotion, but it’s nothing special, really. There is just nothing that stands out on this album. My favorite song was "Battle of the Seasons", the 8+ minute instrumental. No songs were all that great, but I really liked "Battle of the Seasons". Don’t get me wrong, all of the songs were "good", there were some cool solos and such, and I actually like the album. I wasn't too big on the singer, and there is just not much that is going to make me want to pick it up and listen again. If you don’t mind shelling out the 15 bucks for an album and listening to it only a few times, then I think you’d be happy with this album. As for me, I like to get my money’s worth, so buying this album is a no-go for me. Maybe it’ll see some play in an MP3 playlist in the future at some point, but I don’t see myself even remembering who these guys are twenty mintues from now. While not a "bad" band, they aren’t "great" either. I could take it or leave it.

Christoph Lücker - OBLIVION - webzine - Germany - 6 out of 10 points
Ich muss gestehen, dass mir der sogenannte ´Neoclassical Metal´ mit seiner symphonischen, pseudo-pompösen Schlagseite einfach nur kitschig erscheint. Wenn ich etwas wirklich Erhabenes und Pompöses hören will, lege ich dagegen zum Bespiel lieber den ersten Conan-Soundtrack oder eine Bathory-Sternstunde wie "Hammerheart" auf. Geschmackssache, logisch, aber auch die Skandinavier von Wuthering Heights werden mich mit ihrem zweiten Longplayer nicht bekehren können, obschon Erik Ravn und seine Gefolgschaft (ex-Tad Morose-Stimme Kristian Andren, Time Machine-Tieftöner Lorenzo Deho, Zool-Gitarrist Henrik Flymann, Tastenmann Rune Brink und Kesselrührer Morten Sörensen) mir zum Beispiel deutlich besser gefallen als die unsäglichen Rhapsody oder ähnlich gelagerte Kompositionsrecken, da sie die klassischen Elemente (die sich mit Keys zumeist eh nur relativ unzulänglich reproduzieren lassen, es sei denn absolute Spezialisten sind am Zuge) etwas dezenter benutzen und der Einschub folkloristischer Elemente dem melodischen Metal der Truppe gut zu Gesichte steht. Die von Produzent Tommy Hansen (u.a. auch Pretty Maids und Helloween) kompetent in Szene gesetzten neun Wuthering Heights-Gewächse dürften Fans der genannten Italiener dennoch vollends überzeugen, der Mix aus Blind Guardian, Kamelot, Angra und eben Rhapsody muss selbst von meiner Wenigkeit als durchaus in Ordnung gehend bezeichnet werden, Genre-Fetischisten und Anhänger der genannten Acts dürfte "To Travel For Evermore" in echte Begeisterung versetzen.

Steen Peitersen - PEITERSEN - webzine - Denmark - 3 out of 5 points
When you listen to the progressive Danish/Swedish/Italian band Wuthering Heights you'll have to sit down and catch your breath from time to time. Starting out in the 90's in the center of Copenhagen under names like Minas Tirith and Vergelmir - but now only founding member is multi-instrumentalist Erik Ravn - joining him these days are two more Danes Rune Brink on keyboards ad Morten Sørensen on drums - two Swedes Kristian Andrén on vocals and Henrik Flyman on guitars and an Italian "special guest" Lorenzo Deho on bass. Intromental Management in Copenhagen has decided to manage this very ambitious band - with their huge symphonic baroc speedy and moody though melodic hard rock (get the picture?) not unlike bands like Rhapsody, Kamelot and Angra. And with a huge production by Tommy Hansen in the Jailhouse Studios and joined by multi-instrumentalist Finn Zierler from Beyond Twilight on background vocals it can only be huge orchestral metal with symphonic and progressive elements - but then again, you must listen to this to get the full picture. But do it and remember to sit down from time to time with an ice cold beer! Enjoy the story telling element and the variety af tempo and musical skills.