Recording "Salt" - Part 4: Vocals (by NPJ)

Vocal recordings part two

Here´s Nils Patrik's take on our little studio diary. When you read it, please imagine the Swedish accent :)

Travel Day
Went on a pretty tough train travel to get from my hometown in the middle of Sweden to Horsens in Denmark and the Jailhouse studios. This time I went by train and from my hometown to Copenhagen it took 8 hours. In Copenhagen, Erik Ravn met me and before we caught the train to Horsens we bought some beers to have on the two and a half hour trip to Horsens. The entire trip took me about eleven hours. Metal, right?!!

Day One
We started out pretty early in the morning. Tommy Hansen, the best producer in the world of all times, were ready to push me towards new victories:)

I started out with "Away". Went pretty smooth. After that I sung "The Desperate Poet", a really cool tune from Erik about how it is to be a lyric writer and having trouble coming up with a cool subject. After a short break I dug into the "Mad Sailor". What a hit. I screamed my lungs out as always and it turned into a monster:) The day was cool and we felt we had a classic up our sleeves. We decided to drink a couple of beers in the evening and listen to some serious metal music.

Day Two
Went up early with a slight hangover, but my voice was strong. Started out with "The Last Tribe". A bit of a folk song. Great shit. Turned out real good. Erik was happy. In the breaks I played Tommy some cool Swedish dirty folk songs on the acoustic guitar. He loved them and wanted to record an album of me singing those tunes, hahaha. Well, it may happen, would be fun.

"Tears" also went great. What a song. Erik is a talented song writer, right!

"Water of Life" came up next and I finished the day by singing the two bonus tracks.

An incredible day in the studio. Tommy, Erik and me work great together. Disciplined as hell, but with a lot of laughs. In the evening me and Erik watched "Scarface" on the telly ... and drank a lot of beers of course.

Day Three
Did "The Field", "Weather the Storm" and "Lost at Sea". What a fantastic day. The song "Lost at Sea" is like 16 minutes long. Gave all I had as always and Erik and Tommy supported me in a great way. It was almost too good to be true: all lead vocals completed in three days. Now I only had to do the harmony vocals.

We went right to the store after the sessions and bought three liters of wine and some beers. Watched "Braveheart" on the DVD, got drunk and had a great evening.

Day Four
Woke up strong and ready to kick ass. Went to the studio and recorded most of the background vocals. Had a lot of fun in the studio this day: I mean, by this point none of us doubted that it was a masterpiece in the making.

Tommy and his nice wife invited us out to a restaurant in the night to enjoy some typical Danish food. Very, very nice gesture. And yes: we got drunk again :)

Day Five (and Six)
Worked a couple of hours completing the background vocals. No problems. After that I packed my stuff and went to buy some beers to have on the long trip back home.

The trip back home was Hell. It had been a bad storm raging over Denmark and the south of Sweden so there were a lot of delays in the train traffic. However it did not matter; I knew I had been doing something special in the studio and travelled back home with a smile on my face.

... And here I complete my studio report,
Nils Patrik