Wuthering Heights is a heavy metal band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band was formed in 1989 by guitarist and songwriter Erik Ravn, who is the only musician to remain through all of the band´s incarnations. They have released five albums to date. Though all of these have been met with high critical acclaim, continuous line-up troubles, bad production decisions and record label problems have prevented the band from reaching more than cult status. They do, however, have an extremely dedicated fan following around the world.

The band´s unique brand of heavy metal is a melting pot of musical influences, pulling together the progressive ambition of Seventies´ rock with the high energy and melodic sensibility of Eighties´ speed metal, all tinted with a heavy dose of traditional folk music. Indeed, Wuthering Heights played ‘folk metal’ years before that particular sub-genre overcrowded the scene.

Lyrically the band´s approach is far from the conventional metal offerings. Often mistaken as simple heroic fantasy due to a love of archaic language and the occasional Tolkienian reference, the lyrics are deeply personal, sometimes disturbing studies of the human condition. While exorcising personal demons on one level, underneath lurks the doom of modern civilization itself. While perhaps not as overtly pagan in outlook as other artists, the forces of Nature flow strong through all of Ravn´s poetry, being indeed the very backbone of the music.

After being active for more than two decades Wuthering Heights was put on indefinite hold from March 2011 due to Ravn´s continuing back problems. Currently the main focus is on securing the band´s legacy. But, the band has not officially split up, and hope remains that they will return with new music at some point.

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